modern wall paintings living room

modern wall paintings living room

hey everyone! i love a gallery wall andby all accounts so do you. creating a layout of images and artwork on a wallis a great feature in any room or space . but let's look at some fresh, excitingnew ways to compose a gallery wall. the idea of a gallery wall is to fill upyour wall space with a variety of frames and pieces of art. you'll see it in acouple of different compositions like a grid formation or in a more freeformgrouping. but now let's take both of these a bit further. a new approach is tofill the entire wall with art. all exposed space is filled with a varietyof frames and sizes right up to the ceiling leaving only small spaces aroundeach item empty. this creates a major

focal point in the room and it can lookdecidedly traditional or modern depending on the art pieces themselvesand the type of frame. so if you have lots of artwork in a variety of sizestake advantage of the full wall. okay i'd say this is the exact opposite of thefull wall gallery. a gallery wall that is off centered on the wall is a fresh newapproach. grouping artwork or photography together off to one side can be dynamicand modern. just make sure each of your pieces are placed closely together andthat they have a similar intensity or color palette. you'll also have lots ofempty wall space and a smaller grouping of artwork. balance is key! too much wallspace and your grouping loses its impact.

not enough wall space and your groupinglooks like you just didn't center it properly. what if you don't have onelarge wall but instead have a corner in a room that needs something special. i'mloving the idea of creeping artwork from one wall to another. it's a bit of anoptical illusion making one small wall into one larger wall. what a great way tobring attention to a small eating area where the gallery wall composition wrapsaround all the walls. or what if you have a corner that leads to another room orhallway? adding artwork that wraps around an outside corner is a great way tocreate a dynamic and gutsy gallery wall. another dynamic composition is to takeyour gallery wall into the third

dimension. i'm loving the idea oflayering objects, accessories and/or other art pieces in front of yourgallery wall. so don't worry about stuff that might sit up tall. try it with aconsole table like this or maybe create a ledge where you can stack frames andposition sculptural objects in conjunction with your art wall. even bylayering the tv in front of your gallery wall makes for a dynamic and moderngallery wall display. it's a casual, fresh approach to integrating function anddecor. and finally, if you've got a sliver of a space to create a gallery wall acomposition that cascades down to the floor can be very exciting. this style of gallery wall is

high-impact with a tight space. leavesome pieces off the wall and lean them up against the wall. maybe even add aspecial piece of furniture like an antique chair. it's a casual approach onethat feels like it's a work in progress. so here's your take away... gallery wallsare busting outside of the rules! today's gallery wall can fill up a wholewall or take advantage of empty wall space. it can be spread from one wall toanother and it can grow to include other objects in front and on the floor. today's gallery wall is dynamic, modern and fresh. thanks for watching thislittle design tip! i'll have lots more design tips just like this one comingsoon so don't forget to subscribe. and

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