modern living room and dining room

modern living room and dining room

hi i'm china i'm a mother of three kids and a las vegas bartender and a cookie baker. we are here today because this is my dining room and i was hoping we could find a way to be more organized. just be a little bit more efficient. we use the space for absolutely everything. we're on computer, we're doing homework and we're playing games or eating. they are growing

fast and they're learning so much and i just want to spend as much time with them as possible. it's really frustrating you know, trying to find lost things or pull things together and have company over. and if i have any kind of event that i have coming up it just gets really chaotic in here. right now there's nothing going on so is great but this is it never happened. it

would be nice to walk in and just think that it's beautiful for something you know a little more stylish. we've lived in this space for so long like this and we are ready for something new. we're ready to make a change. let's do it! i love it. my dining room looks amazing. it feels like a totally different space. it feels

beautiful and functional and i have a lot of space to hide toys. you can't even tell. it's everything i wanted it to be. it's got gram, got pictures of my family. the desk, the tabletop, i like it all actually. everyone is enjoying our space. bella loves spending time out here drawing and creating new pieces for our wall galleries. and it's making it easier for me to do my business. i just have

more space, more organization. it also beautifies my space, so i feel happy i come in here in the morning. we just like to sit at the table and hang out there it's very nice. it's brought us closer together. do you like it?

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