living room restaurant edinburgh

living room restaurant edinburgh

background music's our first meal in scotland, so we've decided to go with something very typical.we're going to be eating the national dish, which is haggis. so let's go into whisky today's meal is all about haggis. we are starting with haggis spring rolls. so let'ssee what those are like. we've had a lot of spring rolls lately in thailand, vietnam andother places in se asia. mmmmmm. never haggis. and it's also the first time trying haggis.oh, so hot! is it hot? mmmmmm. i'm pleasantly surprised. oh, yeah. haggis is good people!those are hot. mmmmmm. wow, so many flavors. it's delicious. i think i've found myselfmy new favorite spring roll. haggis spring rolls.background my playing.

so for those of you who aren't familiar withhaggis it's a savory pudding made with sheep's pluck. and that means a sheep's heart, liverand lungs. and if that doesn't sound appetizing enough it's wrapped in the sheep's stomachand it also includes spices and some oats and onions. so that's what we're going tobe trying. background music's time to cover this bad boy in some gravy. oh my, oh my. look at haggis is served with neeps and tatties, which is basically turnips and potatoes. firstbite. so i've got lots of haggis here. neeps and tatties. lots of gravy.the verdict. it's awesome. yeah. that's not an acquired taste. i love it on the very firstbite.

do you like it as much as i do?it's a really nice rich winter dish. and like normally i don't like organs. i've had liverbefore and it has a very strong flavor but somehow when it's all mixed together and theyadd spices and the gravy it's perfect. i like it. i like haggis!and it's a cold day today so i'm trying something else very scottish's a nice warm drink. it's called a hot toddy. it's got hot water, whisky, lemon andhoney. and that sounds good to me. take a sip. oh yeah. it goes down nice.okay, first sip of the hot toddy. i'm not i've ever even tried this whiskey. so let'show it is in a hot drink. ooooh. it's nice. it really warms you up butit's not a strong and overpowering as i thought

it would be. this is nice. and it's also veryaromatic because they've put some cloves along with the christmas. so far you're liking scottish food. yeah.background music playing.

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