living room melbourne

living room melbourne

arigato gozaimasu. (arigato gozaimashita.)what is this???? this is.... oh my god it's like's like a casino? or an arcade? i don't.....? ahhh....... here it is. i had to make a quick pit stop before i go to my hotel because... of my videos, i'm filming it's going to be here - i wanted to do a food challenge because tokyo food challenges are insane and this is the restaurant i wanted to do it at because they have a - look at this:

they have the most insane dumpling in the world and oh now looking at it, i don't know if i can do this. that is massive. i have a better shot at doing the doing the uh fried rice challenge than that. i can eat uh i can eat a lot of rice. i don't know if i can eat that giant dumpling. now i'm looking at it, it's- it's just insane. you can either do the 100 dumpling challenge, or the fried rice challenge, or... the ramen challenge,

or this, this gigantore. stupidest thing i've ever done. hi. so, they're going over the rules with me. um, i got an hour to finish it - it's 2.5 kilos, so i think, five and a half pounds and if i win... (what do i win?) i'm not gonna win, okay. i gotta finish within what, i gotta finish it within one hour. i'm not doing that. it's a mountain. so, my goal is just try to finish it, so i don't- you know what i don't even care about the prize. (what do you get if you win?)

so if you win, you get a bottle of wine. right? okay. um, i don't drink anyway, so, good. i had to reserve that two days ahead of time. on the 24th, christmas eve, i'm gonna come and battle a massive dumpling. it is gonna whoop me. i know it is. i don't feel good about it, but at least it's gonna be fun, i think. now, i'm going to my hotel. i'm not just going to any hotel. coming to tokyo,

i really wanted to try out one of those capsule hotels, so, that's where i'm going. finally, after about 30 minutes, i found my capsule hotel. huh, there's a, there's a- i don't know, a vending machine of flip-flops here. hello. the day of unbelievable stupidity continues; i'm at the wrong hotel. they don't know i'm coming, i'm at the wrong one. so i have- oh my god. gotta go get in a cab and try to go to another one.

it's actually this hotel over here. i'm about to enter the cabin area, and so this is where people are sleeping, and they said to be really quiet, because apparently, i mean, there- there's really no walls. it's just kind of separators. this is my cabin, 203. hah, this is it. they give you- they give you slippers, and uh, pajamas.

i wonder if i get to keep these. towels, and uh yeah, that's it. and there's a tv. you can control the ac in here, light. it's pretty cozy. i'm so glad this day is over; i am so tired. good morning. listen, can you guys hear this? it's somebody snoring very loudly. this capsule, is actually really cozy.

i do feel a little like i'm on a spaceship right now though, and i feel like if i stay here too long, i'm gonna get claustrophobic. alright, i'm gonna go shower, and i'll see you guys down at the lobby. good morning. i feel so much better now. that was a really interesting experience. i, i know i didn't stay at the really small capsule, capsule hotels- i was trying to find one of them, but, it's all like booked out, and those smaller places probably feel more like a hibernation chamber on a spaceship. but i am a tad bit claustrophobic,

so i feel like the size of this capsule was good for me. first of all, i just want to say, these capsule hotels- these capsule rooms there- they are just for sleeping. you go out in the day, you come back, you sleep, you leave again- it's not for lingering around. the capsules were incredibly clean- they give you your own slippers, they give you your own pajamas; the showers were nice- the water pressure was good,

the spot looked actually really good, of course- i really couldn't film in there because there's naked people in there. only thing i didn't like, was that, i was on the second floor, and the bathroom was on the sixth floor. and i have a habit of like waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and this felt like a- like a journey to me. i had a journey to the bathroom, which was a little further than i would like. also, i gotta say, there were only two toilets in that entire bathroom.

so i think for guys, we all have to use that bathroom on the sixth floor, so, two toilets for all those people- that's really not enough, and i was kind of expecting the toilets to be really gross because of that, but that wasn't the case. everything- everything in this hotel is absolutely impeccably clean. now, i feel like if i stayed here longer, i would be more concerned about getting a good night's sleep, because you can really hear everything going on around you, and i'm a light sleeper. but, last night, of course, so tired- came in, zonked out, not a problem.

and these things are really cheap, i found some for like 20-some dollars or something for 30-some dollars. mine- mine last night, the full-size capsule, that was $40 and for 40 bucks in tokyo, that is a really really awesome deal. oh, one more thing- luggage. there's really no space in your room for your luggage, obviously, so i left mine outside in the hallway which i saw a lot of people do. it's probably not the safest option; they do have like security cameras. but, that doesn't stop anyone from like, you know, just going in, take your stuff and then leave the hotel.

they do have a luggage storage, um, floor room or, but- they only give you like a- like a bike lock for your luggage, so someone could still unzip your bag and take whatever out, so one night, i didn't feel like it was that big a deal, but if i had to stay here for like a week, i'd definitely be more careful. checkout is at 10:00 a.m. sort of early, but like i said you really don't come here to do anything else besides sleep, so wake up, and you're out of here. i'm checked out already, i'm gonna do some work and then go explore tokyo. it's 5:30 in the morning,

i'm looking for some food to eat and the hotel tells me that- oh my god, look at this. they're just these random vending machines everywhere. look at- this is like some kind of alley, right? like vending machines. but the hotel tells me that there's already a sushi shop open. like, really? people eat sushi for breakfast? i had no idea. really close. there. there it is, so we're gonna go and get some sushi for breakfast. this sushi shop, i don't know if you guys can see,

this sushi shop is open 24 hours a day. 24 hour sushi shop, and- woah, they got everything. i mean, i don't eat raw stuff, so... i feel like i will be severely limited. i took a year of japanese in college and obviously i'm quite rusty, so luckily there's photos with everything here. i got my sushi. wow, pretty. gotta say, this looks insanely good. so i got some octopus, some eel, egg,

and that shrimp. let's try the octopus. this looks, really, really awesome. oh~ that is good. mmm~ a little sweet. can already tell the difference in rice quality from this place, and like, maybe like a sushi place in the u.s. this is the eel. mmm~ that is buttery. wow, that meat just disseminated in my mouth. i know this seems kind of weak because i'm eating sushi, but i'm not eating any of the raw stuff, but, i don't eat raw. sorry guys, but this was amazing.

honestly, on this trip, i thought i would just skip all the sushi places all together, because you know, if i'm not going to eat raw sushi, what's the point? but- holy crap, this is mind-blowing. what a great start (food wise) to this day. i need to finish up a video, then let's go exploring- eat some more stuff. first official full day in tokyo, i am going to the famous tsukiji fish market. i've seen a lot of photos, videos on social media, as well as growing up, and always wanted to go there, and have some fresh fish- that's what i'm going to do today.

as i'm walking over there, i notice that- look at this: there's- there's some old ancient house in the middle of this like, bustling metropolis, and this place, just looks haunted- look at this thing. i'm pretty sure that's haunted. japan is just so adorable. how's it going? high-five. eh~

my first impression of this fish market is that, it is crowded. it's 11 a.m. on a weekday- i can't imagine what it's like on the weekend. i don't know if this is a thing, but, almost every restaurant i came across has like, pictures of when celebrities went there, so i don't know if like, every single restaurant, a celebrity visits, or i somehow stumbled upon every single awesome restaurant in tokyo. this is like the kitchen from my nightmares, but it looks really awesome.

these are nice for tuna. i feel like you could definitely defeat a tuna with one of these knives. actually you should call them swords- tuna swords. tuna slaying swords. someone just gave me this seaweed soup to try. look at that. smells like a... i don't know. it's like one of those, uh, um, you guys ever had those snack, seaweed, paper-thin, things? it's like that mixed with hot water.

look at this tuna! holy monster. look at that teeth. just finished my tsukiji fish market food video, and i realized something- seafood, really, never fills me up, so i feel like i could just keep eating until the ocean is empty, and i won't be full. so if one day you hear on the news that, somehow all the sea creatures in the world went missing, that's me. i definitely need something like this.

i will walk around the streets wearing this, with- with a sword of course, otherwise, it'd just be uncivilized. i'm in a really popping part of tokyo called ginza, and i'm at this supermarket/department store, and this whole floor is just like, really trendy food items, baked goods. kind of like a high-class food court. that- that's all coffee right there. i mean, i think the different colors are different coffee? looks pretty cool though. i was walking by and i thought this was perfume. this is actually different types of honey.

let's try the flower bouquet. that tastes like honey made from bees that are just frolicking in a flowery meadow. this is the orange honey. yup. tastes, just like that. it tastes like a bee drank a lot of orange juice and made this honey. and check it out. this honey is like-

they're like in perfume bottles. this is so beautiful. it's not cheap, but this is- this is really beautiful honey. if i ever want like a free meal in tokyo, just come here and walk around. this might be the world's most expensive lollipop. 600 yen. that's like five bucks. i gotta get out of here. i've reached the limit of my crowd squeezing for today. space! air- how i've missed you.

i'm at kimore aiya(?). this is supposed to be a really old bakery, and what they're famous for are these red bean paste breads, and their founder, i think, supposedly invented this whole thing. in japanese this is called anpan, sweet buns. i wanna get one and try it out. (that's all?) yea. red bean paste on the inside. i did not expect this. there's something on here- it's really salty. let me tell you guys. i hate bean paste inside of anything.

i just don't like it. i like a little bit of it, with some hot tea, but typically don't like it. it's too filling, it's too dense; i don't want it. this is really good. i really don't know if this is super adorable or just uber creepy because, i mean luckily, penguins are not this big in real life. can you imagine- they would not be adorable if they were this big in real life. speaking of creepy. check this out:

sorry, sorry sorry, sorry. this polar bear- this mountain of a polar bear- that's moving. like that's- nightmare coming to life, right there. that's like- that's like a polar bear and a t-rex had a baby. luckily, it seems like that polar bear- it's really lazy, it's just lying there. it does not look like it wants to attack anyone because it ate too much donuts. did you know you could go to school for sushi making? that's pretty cool. they are making sushi right now, and some guy is dressed as santa.

it's santa making sushi, which is alright because, you don't want santa to be making like, you know, deer burger. sushi is okay. at the tokyo subways, and i was kind of unsure about this because, i see all those videos on facebook, where people are just like swarming, getting pushed into the train carts. i didn't want to be a part of that, but there's nobody here right now. this is the inside of a japanese train cart. and it sort of looks like a jungle gym here with all these strap hanger things. for the subways in japan,

i think you're supposed to get one of these pass mode cards, and what's really cool is you can actually, i don't have it here, but you can actually put your name on here. that way, if you ever lose the card or something, i guess they can credit your account back. also, the subways are, impeccably clean. everything's very timely. people on the subways are really quiet; nobody was eating, nobody was drinking, nobody was talking loudly. the ride was really smooth. if you guys ever been to the subway in new york- it's basically the opposite of everything you'll experienced in new york.

this neighborhood is so nice and tranquil, and it totally reminds me of a typical neighborhood you see in an anime. i feel like i'm walking in an anime right now. this will be my hotel for the next few days in tokyo. this is the "family and suites." this is like, such a weird neighborhood for a- for a hotel because there's nothing here. home sweet home. wow, check this out. as soon as i come in, there's a sign that says barefoot, socks, no slippers in the room, please- please take off your shoes here, please wear slippers in common area.

so, uh, i guess this is the common area? this is so asian, this ah, this trashcan has like a- like a grocery store's bag in it. oh, the bathroom is, uh, it's kind of cool. kind of nice. and cozy looking. little crane, little decorative art. of course, you got the japanese electronic toilets.

this is the bedroom. wow, this is- this is really, um, traditional. you got the bamboo mat. oh, this is really cool. and of course, it wouldn't be safe without an emergency ladder, in case i need to jump out this window. ooh, i did not notice this. it's gonna be epic. yeah? how cool is this? now i feel like i'm in japan. alright guys, thank you all so much for following along today! see ya~

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