living room decor online shopping

living room decor online shopping

today we are opening the doors to oberlohq to bring you some winning product suggestions. so rest easy and makeyourself at home while we walk you through a provenproduct niche for dropshippers. hi world how's it going it's mark from oberlo, this isshow and sell, the weekly series made just for dropshippers. we share tips andproduct recommendations that help online store owners get sales. so considerhitting a notification belt to ensure you don't miss us next week. today we arediving into the home decor niche and we'll kick off this video by lookingbriefly at what home decor is and why dropshippers get results sellingproducts from this niche. then we'll look

at five home decor products that i havepicked from the oberlo marketplace. they will give you a good idea of whatproducts are selling in high numbers right now, as well as an idea of therange of home decor items you can dropship through oberlo. after that, we'lllook at ways you can run a successful home decor business online. and to finishi have a special home decor bonus for those who stick around to the end. withthis bonus you can get right to work on facebook advertising in the home decorniche. and what we're giving you is free. not bad for just watching a video, huh?alright, let's get down to it what is home decor and why might you considerselling home decor online? the home decor

niche is made up of products thatenhance the aesthetics and atmosphere of a house. products in this niche includepaintings, frames, posters, wall mirrors, furniture, vases, decorative stickers;pretty much anything you can imagine in a house that is there for its beauty andappeal. now that's the "what is it?" taken care of, now for the "why home decor?" part.our data shows that the home decor niche consistently generates tons of sales fordropshippers. we know it's a niche that gets results. now that might be great forthose dropshippers but what about you and anyone else who hasn't picked theproduct to sell yet: what if you want to start selling home decor items too? wellyou can. according to a report by allied

market research dot com, the global homedecor market is expected to hit $664 billionin value by 2020 growing by 4.2 percent along the way. that's a huge increase anda promising sign if you want to join this market and start dropshipping homedecor. alright, that's some useful context to know for this niche, so let'shead into the overload app to see the five products i have picked outfor today. these home decor products have been generating considerable ordersrecently. if you're ready to start dropshipping you may consider them for yourstore. first off we have this dreamy night sky wall tapestry, whichimmediately transports your customers to

a magical starry forest right from thecomfort of their own living rooms. second we have this technicolor lion-inspiredartwork for the home. but hold on, what's that in the product title? it says "diy". thisis a paint-by-numbers product and it is shipped to your customers unfinished. butthe charm here is that they get the privilege of bringing the lion to lifein a blaze of color using their own hands. the next product is hands-on aswell. this is the wall sticker scratch-off world map. with this map theowner is able to record all of their travels anywhere in the world simply byscratching off the layer of material on that country. the fourth product is thisvinyl based wall clock, which would jazz

up any room or hallway in the home. andfinally we have this 20-piece incense cone set. it comes with a sweet and tinybuddha burner to complete the spiritual mood that this home decor product bringsto the household. okay, what did you think of those products? they've certainly beengenerating plenty of sales recently but how exactly have merchants been gettingthose sales? over on the oberlo blog we got to ask that question to a duo of prodropshippers who made mega bank selling home decor products. there's a link totheir dropshipping success story in the description below. but let's get to knowthem a little bit now because their story is relevant to this video. thesetwo guys are jackie and albert. they

started their home decor store as anexperiment. sort of like a case study to help themget more clients for their marketing consultant work. well what an experimentit turned out to be. they have since generated over $700,000in revenue and they are set to exceed a million dollars in less than a year. sohow did they do it? to begin with jackie and albert tested out several home decorproducts with facebook ads. they finally landed on one that paid forits own ad campaign as well as the campaign's of other products that theyhad tested before. then they took that product over to instagram. albert told usthat what was key was that they could

use excellent pictures of their productswhich were shot by professional photographer. these images were actuallypart of the products listing when they imported it to their store. they didn'thave the pictures taken themselves but that shouldn't stop you from investing alittle in product photography anyway as we are about to see that itmake all the difference with a home decor store. jackie and albert set up acarousel ad on instagram. it was nothing spectacular; a simplecarousel ad like this one that appears in the instagram newsfeed. jackie andalbert's customers could scroll through the various colorways of their productbefore clicking through to make a

purchase. the product continued to selland from there they scaled up into the six-figure business they are now. thereis a lot more to jackie and albert's story and it's a great example of the kind ofhustle you have to put in if you want to make a success of dropshipping. so go getinspired and read about their journey, but do it after this video because ihave a pro tip for you now that's going to help you get your hands on greatphotography for your home decor products. it's a hack many home decordropshippers use. the trick is to find influencers and bloggers that fit thehome decor niche. why? bloggers and influencers already know the importanceof having good imagery on their feeds.

they rely on it for likes and shares andengagement, so they will have the camera equipment needed to take good picturesor at least the means of getting access to such equipment. get in touch withbloggers and influencers and send them free samples in exchange for productshots. and bingo! you don't have to spend time and energy arranging photo shootsand hiring expensive gear for your pictures. simply arrange a deal with yourblogger or influencer whereby you get image rights too. and there you have it:great images you can use in your own marketing and advertising. and just likethe lion painting, let's not forget that you can always do it yourself if youreally want to. we can help you get it

right. just watch the seven-minute videoall about tips for taking beautiful product photography. alright we've seena couple of quick examples of how the pros do it, now it's time for us to setyou up like a pro two. i've left a link in a description below click it and you'llland on the oberlo website. there you can find a facebook advertising audiencerecommendation. we created it for the home decor products we showed you's good to go immediately, let us know if you download it. are you tempted tojoin the home decor niche? what kind of product would you like us to look atnext? let me know. i will answer you in the comments. thank you for watching anduntil next time: learn often, market

better, and sell more.

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