office interior designer mumbai

office interior designer mumbai

[omri] first of all, agoda is part of the priceline group which is the biggest travel group in the world. our products, whether its the app or the website, or other products are being used by millions of people every day what makes us unique is a couple of things i think agoda is a diverse environment so you can find many people, many cultures many languages working here all together

another thing is how we do things we try to back everything that we do up by data. [dynin] one of the cool things about being a designer at agoda is that we are very data-driven. it's core to our dna and basically everything that we design will be built, tested and measured [aaron] so what is really love about working at agoda is the travel aspect

i absolutely love to travel and i think i have the best job. [david] one of the reasons why i joined agoda, that i still really love about working in the product team at agoda is there's a lot of freedom and there's a lot of tolerance for taking risks and for failure [damien] so whether your experiments win or fail it translates right away to hundreds of bookings

we like to fail, but we like to fail fast so that we go back to the drawing board we design new experiments and try again [briana] the thing that i enjoy the most about my job is the people that i work with. we're such a collaborative team and it makes your job so much better when you come in and you see people that you know and like hanging out with and you're all working on

something and growing together as a team. [kevin] one of the primary reasons that i find the work really exciting and rewarding is that as product owner i get to come up with many exciting features and then get to see them live on the website, a few weeks later for millions of customers. [david] at agoda, more so than many other companies

that i've been at, the products owners have a huge impact on the direction of the company as a whole. [kevin] product owners are responsible for defining the vision, getting buy-off from senior management and then working closely with the engineering teams to build and execute on it. [david] it's very liberating. it's probably one of the most exciting things about being a product owner and it's something that you get at agoda.

[devin] our design team works very closely with product owners, with the development team we work very closely to make sure that we develop new features and new opportunities in the app to really develop something that will make the user experience better [liya] at agoda your design will be used by millions of users and has a great impact, which is a great thing for designers to experiment with your work.

[dynin] design for the travel industry, i think innately people enjoy traveling, people love to travel we definitely want to leverage more of an emotional connection through our design [briana] just because we have a title like "ux designer" or "vx" it's very interchangeable there's a lot of opportunity to find out exactly what you want to do and where you want to go

[liya] there are people from everywhere and it's interesting to know how other people think from a different culture and design background. [aaron] what's great about working at the bangkok office is that we all sit here in bangkok, so it's very easy for cross collaboration but outside of work, bangkok is just an amazing place to live. [sunny] agoda's continuing

to grow very rapidly across the globe and we're constantly looking for leaders with the vision and creativity to help us innovate in delivering the best possible products to our millions of users and partners. [deven] we're looking for people to come in and take that initiative and help us design something that can take our product to the next level. i think they can have a great impact because

every person that's come from around the globe is bringing a different culture, a different view of our app, or view of our website and i think they can make a difference. [damien] last but not least, we want people to have fun we want people to bring a positive attitude and a positive energy to the team.

[omri] so if you want to create the best travel experience for millions of people around the world, come and join us.