office interior designer in goa

office interior designer in goa

(music) (clapping and yelling) the journey of hopes in a caravan was alsoabout finding self and searching for our own deeper purpose in life. leaving one fine day my family to serve someoneelseĆ¢€™s made me fearless. from 1st night in a posh colony to secondaround a town park third night in a village

and fourth in a desert. i learned to adapt. waking to a new place and a different morningeveryday. it made me fall in love with travelling evenmore. witnessing these sunrises made me realisethat no sunrise is ever the same. crossing beautiful terrains and survivingproblems, problems like hunger, unwanted fights, financially broke, physically broke, emotionallybroke and answering questions, big questions, small questions, more questions (panting)

still surviving i realised i never wanted to stop and go even bigger. (waves) sandwiches on the beach. yoooo. we believe that happiness is to travel andto not stay. it's not a problem, right? what do i write?

parwal from hyderabad post. (laughing) and we received many more definitions of happinessfrom people around. travelling and meeting new people has taughtme that kindness is the most valuable currency. (singing) leaving the comforts and richness of home,i have now found myself a new comfort in the back of my caravan serving the helpless souls. what did we earn people ask? what is in this for us?

well, our turn over, more than 1500 smiles numerous blessings infinite love and ya never ending fun. and always remember to wave at people whileon a road trip.