office interior designer ahmedabad

office interior designer ahmedabad

[whistling music] the objective was to create a space that was different than most people's perception of what a dental office is [music] the lead umbrella really gave me a good framework to work from to build the healthiest environment for my patients, my staff, and myself. [piano music] when we started this process we started looking at what's the best way that we can build a very functional office

but also one that is mindful of the materials that we are using and how the space reflects our ideals and what we're doing in the space which is providing healthcare in dentistry there is a lot of smells that people associates with medical or dental that you really don't have here and a lot of that is because of the way that the hvac system is engineered to continually flush the air from the space and bring in fresh air so you create a much better indoor air quality than most buildings that you would go into

in generals they've done studies that moving that air bringing in fresh air helps to keep the people that are working in that physical space healthier all of the adhesives all of the paints the carpets the flooring materials are low voc and so in terms what we build into the space it really allowed us to limit the amount of off- gassing that you get in a traditional space in a traditional evacuation system which is a vital part of a dental office they use water to drive an impeller that creates suctions and during that process its taking perfectly potable water and flushing it down the drain

so the system that we've incorporated is called the drive evacuation system and it was a technology that was developed for dairy industry and it essentially was used to milk dairy cows and someone realized that it had another potential application a system that we used uses no water so in that one piece of equipment alone we saved a few hundred thousand gallons of water a year one of the things that i wanted to accomplish was to create a space that was more inviting that didn't have a very sterile claustrophobic feel to it

and the lead process really encourages using reclaimed recycled materials the prospect of being able to incorporate salvage was interesting just from a creative perspective it gave me an opportunity to do something that you wouldn't normally expect to see in a medical dental type of professional office a lot of the accessories pieces were found objects found things and this for instances an old egg incubator the doors were all reclaimed those doors were old automotive shop doors

and then you know the old bead board is all reclaimed these came out of the portland hotel and this table which is an old bowling alley floor from just down the street and an industrial sewing machine stand and then the blunt blocks that we use here were pulled out of old victorian homes and the material in between those is chinking like for a log cabin and you know using these things to give the space a little texture in places where it may..

it would have been easier to have a painted wall but not very interesting one of the biggest compliments that we've had is that it doesn't feels like a dental office i think for a lot people it gives them especially when they are coming in for dental work it gives them something else to focus on other than why they are here distractions in a dental office are a good thing i like to think that the building process that we went through has given people another opportunity to take a different approach to building an office

and i think now everyone wants to do the right thing they're paying attention to these things sometimes the hard part is getting started and knowing where to go to find that information the feelings that people have in coming to the office is a very comfortable place to be it feels good and easy to move around and it has a light airy feel and i think people appreciates that i know that i do