office interior design vancouver

office interior design vancouver

my condo is pretty simple. i think i’d describe my style as minimaland functional, but i do enjoy my tech here and there. a day in my condo is me waking up in my bed,cooking in the kitchen, relaxing to some shows on the tv and working on my computer in theoffice. i have a lot of items that are from ikea,one too many computer desks, and a bunch of little gadgets and technology here and therethat make up the rest of my space. hi i’m david and this is a tech tour ofmy condo. stepping in my place you’ll see a littlebit of everything from the start.

the kitchen to my left, the living room, theoffice in the back, and bedroom to the right. but let’s start with the main living space. i spend a lot of time here playing video games,watching videos or just relaxing on the sofa. my tv console contains the bulk of my electronicsat home. everything from my modem, router, gaming consolesall tucked away in these drawers. the tv and speakers are old but the connectedchromecast and home theatre pc makes it as powerful as any modern smart system. i also added basic smart lights that changethe mood from daylight, to warm night lights, to a dim mode for movie watching.

i have complete control for my home theatrewith a single harmony remote and the harmony hub means i can also control it remotely frommy tablet or phone, or i can even use voice control with the nearby google home mini. this google home mini in my kitchen, is perfectto have while cooking, i like to ask it thing like, setting a 15 minute timer, converting8oz to grams, or even to listen to music. multi-room playback is my favorite featurewith these google home minis, i have another in my office and in the bedroom, combinedwith a chromecast audio on my home theatre speakers means i can keep listening to mytunes no matter which room i’m in. i’m definitely lacking some art pieces andplants around my place, so for now i’ve

just hung some of my commonly used backpacksup on the wall making them really accessible to grab each day. and finishing off the living space is my nookfor all my chargers and cables. not the pretty space but i try to hide mostof my extra chargers in the ottomans or the extra cables in a box, to keep the space alittle more tidy. next up is my office. most of my videos are shot in here so thingsshould be pretty familiar. it’s a pretty tight space but i manage tofit two desks in here. one desk for docking my laptop with a coupledifferent mechanical keyboards, and the other

for my main rig with the standing desk. a couple other ikea tabletops tucked in thecorner just because. and for the rest of my gear and gadgets itend to just try to fit them in my closet. out of sight out of mind. on the other side of my place is my bedroom. i try to avoid putting too much tech in here,since i’m mainly just in here to sleep. but waking up in the mornings can be toughso i have a couple more smart lights to that automatically brighten up the room in themornings, or i can also use my sunrise alarm clock to do the same.

to add to my wake up routine my tv is programmedto automatically turn on and play the local news channel. and i can even ask my other google home miniwhile half asleep what the weather is today or to play some other music to ease me intomy day. so that’s a quick look at my condo currentlyand some of the tech i use around my place. sure it lacks some artwork and some plantsbut it is functional enough for me to get me through my typical day. but hope you guys enjoyed this one. you know what to do.

and i’ll see you in the next video.