office interior design themes

office interior design themes

hey everyone, lesley myrick here, interiorstylist and owner of lesley myrick art + design where we create some pretty fantastic interiorswith an offbeat edge. one of the most frequent questions i get askedon my blog is, "how do i mix design styles?" professionals make it look so easy to layerin mid-century and modern and traditional and eclectic, but it's not that easy to doit successfully if you don't understand why things work together and how they go together. so i'm going to share with you my big tipson how to mix design styles like a pro. ultimately, it is all about the proportionof design elements in the space. you may have heard of the 80/20 rule, thepareto principle, that's been around for centuries.

it's this really cool mathematical idea ofthe proportion of 80 and 20. so, when it comes to your wardrobe for example,most of us wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. the same proportion is a really, really greatstarting point in interiors when you're trying to mix more than one look together. for example, if your home is 80% traditional,then 20% can be modern, and that mix is going to feel really good together. of course, i like to learn the rules so i canknow when to break them, and i like to push this mixing a little bit further because i'mnot someone that likes just two design styles. i want that eclectic mix, that cool vibe,those little bits from here and there and

everywhere that come together to make a reallyawesome space. so i actually push these proportions evenfurther and i like to do 60/30/10. 60% becomes the foundation of the room, themain style, the main theme. probably what you own most of, and probablya style that's complementary to the architecture of your home. the next 30%, you can start to have a littlebit of fun! it can be a contrasting style. say your home is 60% french country - thisnext 30% could be something a little bit funkier and more modern.

and then the last 10% - that is where theweird comes in, the offbeat, the fun! this is where you could introduce those piecesthat "don't really fit" but you love, or something that's a crazy color that doesn't kinda makesense with everything else. i love this blending and layering of differentstyles. and while these formulas will get you started,they're not a rock-solid recipe for success. a lot of this comes down to just having atrained eye that kinda can sense proportion and scale and style and design elements thattie things together to make it work successfully. so, i hope the 80/20 pareto principle - orthe 60/30/10 lesley myrick principle - is gonna help you get started on this.

however, if you wanna go deeper and get abetter sense of how to decorate your own home and discover your own style, i'd love foryou to check out my interior style online course. you can find more information and registerfor class on my website at