office interior design saudi arabia

office interior design saudi arabia

hello guys. originally this video was planned to be thestory of alpina but i didn't found much information online so i’m going to make the video anothertime, because i’m going to buy this book called bmw alpina. i wanted to ask if any of you happens to havea copy of this book please let me know, so i can buy that from you since most of thesellers that i found online didn't ship in albania. back to the video now. when it comes to car designers and coachbuildersnot many stand out as much as sbarro.

love it or hate it, sbarro is one of the mostoriginal designers out there. a designer that always has done things inits own way. so guys welcome back to another video andhere is the profile of franco sbarro. francesco sbarro was born in 1939 in presicceitaly. son of a farmer, sbarro showed interes inmechanics especially for motorcycles and scooters. he would study latin greek in lecce and in1957 at the age of 17, he settled in neuchalet switzerland, when he started working as amechanics. two years later sbarro bought a small garagein grandson, when he started working with a small german manufacture called borgward.

in 1959 franco would build his first prototype. the car was a mishmash of parts from differentcars. the tubular frame was made by sbarro, whenhe mounted a 2l lancia v6 engine on the center of the car which was connected with a vw transmission. the first body work was made with parts ofa javell-jaret, but later on he would design its own body of polyester and fiberglass. later on he would redesign the car for a thirdtime with borgward parts. is obvious that the car isn't the best thingever built, far away from being one, but considering that franco was only 20 years old when hebuilt this, is something very impressive to

say the least. in fact this was so impressive that georgefilipinetti the owner of the legendary racing team scuderia filipinetti, hired sbarro asthe mechanic of team. there franco would develop and maintain thecar of team the ac cobra, ford gt40 and the ferrari p3. while working for filipinetti, sbarro wouldbuild his first car in 1965. the filipinetti 1 was based on a karman ghia. in 1965 sbarro built a race car powered bya nsu 1000cc engine, called the sbarro nsu barquette 1000.

the interesting thing about this car is thatthe barquette 1000 is one of the least favorite cars of franco, he hates this car so muchthat he does not count this car as one of his creations. in 1967 franco would built another car forfilipinetti, the filipinetti 2, again based on a kraman ghia. this car had a different nose, with new headlightsand without the front grill. also, the rear end was new, with new rearfenders and new rear lights. both cars were bought later on by sbarro fromfilipinetti. the biggest change for sbarro would happenon 25 march 1968 when sbarro left scuderia

filipinetti and created his own design andcoachbuilding studio called aca - atelier de construction automobile. in a former cigarette factory sbarro startedbuilding all sorts of cars, from supercars and race cars to replicas. the first car would come in 1968, a coupepowered by a 4.7l ford gt40 v8, called the domenique iii. this car was bought by a british businessman. excite by this, franco itself delivered thecar in england by road. originally the domenique was painted withbritish racing green, but after the hood was

damaged during the delivery, after that thedomenique was painted white. formula 5000 was a short leaved racing category,which was meant to be a low cost open wheel race series, for new and cars that no longerfitted any particular formula. many big names entered formula 5000, likemclaren, lotus, lola and march. sbarro also built a prototype for the 5000,which was powered by a 5l v8. the sbarro formule 5000 had 450hp and couldreach a top speed of 280km/h. - around this time sbarro also started convertingand modifying race car to street legal cars. one of his first conversion was this bizzarriniiso grifo a3c, when he replaced the chevy engine for a gt40 one, because the owner couldn'tstand the mechanical problems of the chevy.

- since sbarro had worked with the gt40 whilehe was the chief engineer of the scuderia filipinetti, he was very familiar with thecar. one of the first cars that came out from acawas a race gt40 which was converted for road use. also, sbarro would restore many gt40. but he is most known for his gt40 replicas. all sbarro replicas are some of the best replicasout there. even though i hate replicas is amazing tosee how much work is put into this cars. in fact this cars were so similar with theoriginal ones that would get him i lots of

troubles. like for example with the gt40 number 1048,which he had to restored. but he sold this car without the originalchassis plate. he used this plate for a replica which hereturned to the original owner of the 1048. a similar case happened with the gt40 number1033. this lead to some court cases against sbarro. -in 1968 sbarro would build two corvette l88for the 24h of lemans. henri greder and bob lutz convinced georgefilipinetti to convert two l88 for the lemans race.

so filipinetti brought sbarro to assist onthis project. both cars participated on the 1968 lemansand both cars dominated the gt class in the early hours of the race, but one of the carsleft the race after six hours after some mechanical problems. the other car was retired after the fourteenhour. in 1967 eric broadley the founder of lolaapproached sbarro to built a road going version of his legendary car, lola t70 mkiii. since the t70 was similar with the gt40, sbarrowas the perfect guy for this job. the car was ready in 1969 and was paintedin british racing green.

after building the car, sbarro started gettingorders to build more cars. the interesting thing is that beside the chevyengine, some of this cars were fitted with ferrari v12 and porsche f6. some of this cars were also quite luxuriousinside with leather and air conditioning. around 13 lola t70 mk iii were built in total. -in 1969 sbarro would built another gt40 basedcar called the can-am 4.7. this car was built for scuderia filipinettiand was used in some different races in switzerland and germany. -one year after converting the l88s, sbarrowould work again with gm, this time for converting

two opel gt for rallying. the car received a new tubular chassis anda new lighter fiberglass body. but the car failed to achieve any success,since the engine was very unreliable. the 60s were a time of experimentation forsbarro, mostly restoration and race to road car conversions. the 70s on the other side were the years whensbarro started creating his true identity and started building true unique cars. -the first car of the 70s was the can-m 5.0which was basedon a lola mk iii, but not much is known about this car.

-but the first original sbarro car, builtfrom the ground up would come only in 1973, when he pretend tow new car at the genevamotor show. the first car was the sbarro sv1, standingfor safety vehicle 1. the chassis was connected to a tube with doubleside roll cage submerged in a two-piece polyester filled with polyurethane foam. franco deiced two mount two nsu wankel engines,building this way a 4 rotor one, with 300hp @5500rpm. a similar technique that chevy would use fortheir corvette four rotor, which coincidentally was also presented in 1973.

the other car was the sbarro tiger, whichbasically a bertone pantera knockoff. the pantera was a prototype which was builtby bertone in 1968 for scuderia brescia corse. sbarro would return at the geneva motor showone year later, when he introduced the sbarro stash. the stash had a similar chassis with sv1,just the body had a more sporty design ad also a different engine. in stand of the 4 rotor engine the stash wasavailable with a 4 cylinder 1.8 turbo engine and with a mercedes 6.9 v8 one. also a targa stash was later one available.

-in 1978 sbarro would present two of his mostfamous creations. the first one was the windhound. the windhound was based on a mercedes g-wagonand was powered by mercedes 6.9 v8. so sbarro was quite ahead of its time withthis powerful luxurious off-roader. the windhound was available in two doors andfour door versions but the option list was endless. the second 1978 car is the sbarro functioncar or tag how the car was named by the owner. the function car was based on cadillac eldoradoand was basically a office on wheels. this massive car was equipped with 4 armchairs,4 phones, tv and a refrigerator.

the function car was 7.2 m long and weightedmore than 3 tons, so sbarro ha to double the rear axle making it a 6 wheeler. originally the car was ordered by a saudibusinessman but was bought again later one by sbarro. but the tag wuld not be the last 6 wheelercar built by sbarro. like i mentioned previously the windhoundoption list was endless and the most interesting windhound is the king khaled version. the king liked the windhound but he also likedfalconry. so he asked sbarro to build a windhound thatwas capable of going full speed over the sand

dunes of saudi arabia but also would allowhim to hunt without living the car. sbarro came up with a 6 wheeler windhoundcalled windhawk. all the 6 wheels were driven and combiningthem with the 6.9 v8 this monster could reach a top speed of 190kmh. the windhawk had an adjustable ground clearance25 to 42 cm and a 350l petrol tank. the top of the car was removable and the seatscould be raised hydraulically 80cm so could be easier to hunt. the last 70s car was a bugatti royal replica. sbarro coupled two a rover v8 engines to forma v16 one.

this car was the closest thing you could getto the original. but what you can except for a replica thatcosted 300000 swiss francs. the only reason why the owner didn't boughtthe original one is that he wanted air condition and bullet proof windows. while in the 70s sbarro created his identity,for wired and quirky cars, the 80s were the years when he made his craziest creations. with the crazy money that was coming fromarabia and america, sbarro built some true bizarre creations. -the first 80s car was another falconry car,this time a rolls royce camargue.

this car lost the roof, together with thefront and rear bumpers. -the super twelve is one of the most bizarresbarro cars. similar in size with the austin mini, thesuper twelve was powered by 2 kawasaki v6 1300cc engines. each engine had its own 5 speed gearbox anda special linkage system allowed the boxes to be operated synchronously with a singlegear lever. since each engine powered only one wheel,the car could be run on one engine only in a case of a mechanical problem. the total power output was 240hp and witha weight of only 800kg the super twelve could

accelerate from 0-100 in under 5s. -the super twelve was followed by anothercrazy hatchback, this time a porsche 928 dressed on vw golf body. with 310hp the golf 300s could reach 100kmhin under 7s and had a top speed of 230kmh making it the perfect wolf in sheep clothes. -but the 300s wasn't the last golf to comeout from sbarro. the golf turbo was even crazier. the coolest feature of this car is how therear of the could be raised thanks to a hydraulic system.

sbarro applied this extravagant system becauseit was more practical to work with the engine. the golf turbo was poured by a 911 turbo enginewith 330hp. the only visible modifications are the twoside air intakes so the turbo is an even better sleeper than the 300s. sbarro shahin is one of the most famous sbarrocreations. built at the time when the 1000sels were thecoolest thing in the world, the shahin was one of the wildest cars of the time. new bodykit together with the sbarro 80s grill,gullwing doors and a new interior, basically everything you wanted.

except if you wanted more power. this was the case with a saudi customer. so sbarro built the biturbo. the foundation was the same with 500sec. franco kept the 5l engine, but grafted ontoit a pair of turbos which increased the power from 231 to 350hp, making it one of the fastestgrand tours on the market. also, the car looked like it was from madmax. also, another mad max look alike car was a1000sel which had 4-door gullwing, showing again how crazy sbaroo really was.

sbarro built only one super twelve, sincethe car was totally crazy. but 3 years later he presented another similarcar, the super eight. the body work was the same, with some minorchanges here and there. the biggest change was the engine. sbarro abandoned the kawasaki engines fora ferrari 3l v8 from a 308. with 260hp the super eight could reach a topspeed of 220kmh. -but the most known sbarro car would onlycome in 1985,when he presented the challenge. presented for the first time at the 1985 genevamotor show, the challenge amazed the public with its wedge shaped design.

the first challenge came with a mercedes twin-turbov8 with 350hp. combining this with a drag coefficient of0.26, the challenge could reach a top speed of 300kmh. the interior wasn't as special as the exteriorof the car, but had something very cool features like two tvs which were mounted near the doors,this tvs were connected with the side cameras which replaced the side mirrors. in 1986 sbarro built another challenge calledthe challenge 2+2. this car had two additional rear seats andinstead of the mercedes v8 the car now had a porsche 930 turbo engine.

in 1987, he built the final version of thechallenge, the challenge iii. this car came with a 911 turbo engine with400hp. -in 1985 he also presented the brescia, abmw powered car which looked like a 1960s car and the renault super five. -the 1986 would not see many releases fromsbarro, mostly some replicas with the most notable one being a ferrari p4 replica basedon a 300gts. the other 1986 car was the citroen adventurewhich was kind like an suv, basically a lifted c15 with sbarro styling. but if the adventure was a small suv, themonster g was a completely another story.

ordered by a german client the monster g camewith a 6.4l engine producing 350hp making it one of the most powerful off-roaders onthe market. if the design of wasn't crazy enough, sbarroequipped his monster with a set of boeing 747 wheels. -the sbarro robur was presented in 1988 andwas another crazy hatchback. this car was built for a french businessmanwho wanted a small city car, but in the same time a car the same power of a sport car. the robur was mid engine and was powered byan audi 200 5-cylinder turbo engine, producing 200hp.

the car very small measuring at only 3.3mlong and just 1.2m tall, but like most of sbarro cars the robur was quite wide, mesuringat 1.8m. the robur was also packed with some reallyinteresting features. for example at the rear were two small wheelsthat could be extended, lift the car and move it so would be easier to park the car on asmall space. also, the robur came with a break spoilerthat was activated at the speeds over 220kmh. but sbarro int just a design, he is also ainventor and in 1989 he presented one of his most famous invention, the hubless or orbitalwheel. two vehicles were presented together withthe orbital wheels.

the first one was the osmos which basicallywas a giant hotwheels powered by a jaguar v12. the other was a motorcycle which was calledorbital wheel. the motorcycle showed the wheels in a muchmuch better way since all the connection were on the left side and the right side was completelyclean. in the 90s many changes happened, since in1992franco opened his design school, espace sbarro, so most of the car that came after 1992 werebuilt by sbarro and his students. -the first car of the 90s was the chrono,which was built for one thing only, to reach 100kmh as quickly as possible.

chrono needed only 3.5s to reach 100. this was done thanks to an ultra lightweightbody and to bmw m1 with 500hp. -in1991 sbarro would present another invention,the dual frame. the dual frame was formed by two parts, themodule 1 which is the mechanical module with all the mechanics and the rolling structureand module 2 which is the body. the biggest advantage of the dual frame isthe weight. a car with dual frame can be built weightingbetween 800 to 1100 kg. the first car that used the dual frame wasthe helios, a car that had a similar design with osmos and like osmos the helios was poweredby a jag v12.

-the first car of the espace sbarro was theastro. this car was a special order by swiss ophthalmologist. he wanted an aggressive looking car with aferrari engine and with top of the range electronics. the osmos was followed by isatis, which wasa car that was design by the students of sbarro. even though the car had a bmw v12 the carwas just a model and wasn't functional. same year sbarro together with his studentspresented urbi a small electric city car. -in 1994 came the oxalys. the sbarro oxalys is a pure roadster. no hood, no side windows, only the small tiltedwindscreen.

the body, was made out of composite material,thanks to this oxalys weighted only 800kg. the power came from a bmw m5 engine with 315hp. also in 1994, sbarro presented an alfa romeoprototype. this was a wagon a version of the 155 q4. sadly the car made it to production. one year later one of the best sbarro workswas presented. with a striking design a with a testarossaengine the alcadar was just amazing. sbarro and his students would work again withalfa romeo in 1996. sbarro got a special request from walter dasilva and mario florilla from centro stile

alfa, to built a special roadster. sbarro came up with the alfa romeo issima. a beautiful roadster which combined retrostyling with modern one. beside the scissor doors the most interestingthing about the issima is the engine. sabrro wasn't satisfied with the power thatthe busso produced, so he coupled 2 busso 3l v6 to form a 500hp v12. -the 1997 would quite a busy year for sbarrosince he introduced all sorts of cars. from citroen specialized for photographs andbody kits for peugeot 106 to crazy quads.the formule rhin was open wheel car, powered bya peugeot v6 with 200hp.

weighting at only 600kg the rhin was for surea fun car to drive. the rhin was followed by even lighter openwheel car, the be twin. which used a straight 4 1.6l with 140hp. the most interesting 1997 car is definitelythe sbarro ionos, which was a tribute to the lancia stratos. sbarro didn't use a v6 like the original stratoshad, instead he went and used two lancia straight 5 to form a v10 with 500hp. the engines were from lancia kappa, transmissionfrom a 911 and breaks from dtm. the final 97 car was the sbarro hommel berlinette,car that was built for michel hommel.

this car later on became the hommel berlinette. -in 1998 most of the cars were modified cars,the only car that wasn't a modified one was the sbarro crisalys. sbarro was inspired from the 406 for thiscar and when i say inspired he only took the front and rear lights to built this car. the crisayls had a more aerodynamic design,was mid engine and was a hard top roadster. this project was continued with crisalys corse,which was a track version of the car. but this car didn't went beyond the clay model. the other cars that he presented in 1998 werea bodykit for citroen xsara and berlingo calao

which was basically a 90s version of the fiat500 jolly. but the most interesting car were the renaults. first was a megan which powered by a v6 enginefrom the 406. but instead of being on the front the enginewas located behind the rear seats making the car even more exiting. the other renault was the espider which wasa spider version of the espace. again the 194hp v6 engine was used. this car was built for the 1998 lemans parade. -1999 again would see a mix of tuned and originalcars.

the two tuned cars were the renault clio topchop which had a lower roof and vw golf foliatec, which was based on golf mk4 gt1. the golf foliatec, was basically a marketingmachine for foliatec, since the car was built for foliatec and used 26 foliatec products. but the coolest 99 car was definitely thegt1. the gt1 was built to celebrate the victoryof the mercedes at lemans. the power came from a mercedes v8 with 450hp,which helped the car to reach 100kmh under 5 and allowed to reach a top speed of morethan 325kmh. for the new millennium sbarro continued thegt1 project, this time using a 6l v12 with

500hp. the gt12 was followed by the bimotor or scorpio. the idea behind the bimotor was simple a carthat could bend on corns like a motorcycle, an idea quite popular at the time with carlike mercedes f300 and f400. the bimotor was powered by 2 yamaha straight4 engines when each of the engines drove one of the rear wheels. some other cars of the 2000 were the minotora bmw v12 powered convertible, sharan sahara a convertible sharan, citroã«n berlingo croisiã¨rejeune a 6-wheeler berlingo, citroen berlingo taxi a berlingo that was inspired from thelondon black cabs and the soucoupe roulante

which looked like a ufo disk. -in 2001 sbarro would present again anothergt1 version, this time coming as convertible and with a ferrari engine. the seb millenium was based on a ford mustangwhich made it even more similar with the qvale mangusta. some other 2001 cars were the seat leon coupe,which was another front to mid engine conversion. the sbarro wolfshark which was a roadsterpowered by an audi v8 and dodge dakota. like all the others sbarro adopted the retroart deco look of the early 2000s and the dakota is what he came up.

the 2002 would be quite year for sbarro, whenall the cars that he introduced were tuned cars like the xx5, which was a x5 withoutthe iconic bmw grill, a widebody 550 maranello, the citroen picasso cup which started as goodidea, a powerful track focused mpv. the original plan was to put a 400hp enginebut since psa didn't had any 400hp engine they put 250hp. the last 2002 car is the weirdest one, thefirst moment i saw this car i thought top gear, since the car i so similar with richardhammond mg limousine. not much is known about this car beside thefact that was based on daimler. -2003 would be an important year for sbarrosince he presented another invention.

the idea behind this invention was again verysimple. since the wheels are getting bigger and biggerwhy we don't put the mechanics inside the wheel, this way more space would be availablefor passengers. not much is known how this system really works,but sbarro presented three vehicles the first one uma1 (autonomous motor unit) was a motorcycle,the uma2 was a three-wheeler and the uma4 which was a modern looking challenge. the gt-hdi was built with peugeot parts includinghere the engine which was a 2.2l hdi and if you are familiar withe 307 you have noticethe front and rear lights. also, a track version of the gt-hdi calledgtr was presented.

instead of the straigh-4 engine the gtr useda v6 with 220hp -2004 would see some quite interesting cars like the roadster v12 whichwas retro inspired car powered by a jaguar another retro inspired car was the turbotrhino but this time the inspiration came from a series of frech comic books called spirou. also, another car that was presented in 2004,is the sb1, which was based on a 550 maranello which had undergone major changes. but the most interesting car of the 2004 isonly interesting for all the wrong reasons. the mercedes sl roadster is one of the worstsbarro works. this car was based on sl r129 and receiveda terrible body kit, a bodykit that looks

like was done by some who had zero knowlageabout car design. probably two cars were built a blue one andwired pink one which made the car to look even weirder. not many releases in 2005 a v6 mid enginecitroen c2, mille miglia a car inspired by the ferraris of the 50s and the sb2 tornadowhich was the evolution of sb1. the sb2 looked much much better than the sb1since some of the lines were fixed plus the car looked better in red. -in 2006 sbarro presented some awesome andsome terrible cars. he did the same thing that he did the sl,but this time with a 360 modena.

the first car was a black one, but apparentlysome like the car in same pink color that sbarro used for the sl. the gt8 basically looked like a cheap replicathat had gone wrong. sbarro also built another mille miglia anda mid engine citroen c1. but the in 2006 he also presented one of hisbest works, probably his best work, the alfa romeo diva. the diva was a collaboration between sbarroand head of centro stile alfa wolfgang egger which is the guy who designed the 8c. the diva was inspired from the legendary tipo33 stratdale and sbarro did a good job with

not making just a copycat. diva was based on 159 chassis and as poweredby a busso 3.2 from a 147 gta. -the most interesting 2007 car was the turbos20, a roadster with smaert roadster headlights and fiat seicento rear lights and with anengine from a e500. one year later sbarro presented the alcadorgtb, which basically was a coupe turbo s20. another difference was that the turbo s20was a dual frame and the alcador gtb was base on 348 gtb. the alcador was followed by the pendocar,a quad that could bend like a 2 wheel motorcycle the katana a two seater powered by a v-tecengine and the muslane a track focused car

powered by a citroen 2l engine. from 2010 until now sbarro has built numberof different cars, mostly track focused prototypes, electric cars and hot road inspired cars. in 2010 sbarro presented one of his most controversialdesigns, the autobau. the autobau was criticized for the wired designespecially for the weird front and the 70s style. the rear isn't as bead as the front also theside which looks like was inspired from the ferrari modulo designed by pininfarina. the power of autobau came from a ferrari v12with 500hp.

on the other side the sbarro essenza lookedpretty good. to me looks like a small dodge viper especiallywith the long hood and the double bubble roof. but differently from the viper the essenzawas powered by a bmw straight 6 with 200hp. no it's not a lamborghini concept but a sbarroone, built by him and his students in only four months. the evoluzione was a three seater speedsterwhen the driver seat was positioned on the center like the mclaren f1. the sad thing is the engine, the evoluzionewas powered by a audi straight-4 1.8l with 180hp.

the two for 100 looks like a car that hascome straight out from a cartoon movie with the funky design. the name two for 100 means 2 liter for 100kmh. sbarro managed to achieve these stats thanksto a 600cc engine and to the aerodynamic shape of the car. in 2012, he presented intencity an electriccar, memory a ferrari 250 gto replica based on a ferrari 400 and eight a hot road poweredby maserati v8 with 360hp. the car was named eight because the car wasbuilt in only 8 weeks. -in 2013 came the react'ev a hybrid coupepowered by a peugeot v6 and two electric motors.

the jaclyn was another car that followed thestyle of the sl roadster and the gt8. this time sbarro used jaguar xk as base andbut differently from the previous cars the jaclyn looked awesome. the es-13flã¨che rouge was another aggressivelooking car but like with the evoluzione all the amazing job went down because of the engine,a straight-4 from a citroen ds3. in 2014 came the sbarro sparta a rally hybridcar and the grand prix another hot road this time powered by a bmw v12 with 300hp. 2015 saw some great great cars like sbarroaria a beautiful coupe powered by a subaru 2l boxer with 217hp.

the miglia was also as beautiful. the miglia was built to celebrate the millemiglia and had a clear design inspired for the cars of the 50s. the wired thing is sbarro went for a porschev8 even though the car looks like was inspired from the retro ferraris. 2016 sow the ginevra a two seater speedsterthe haze a track car powered by an audi straight-5 with 300hp. the students of sbarro built this car in only2 months, something that is mind blowing. and the arcad’ a mad beach buggy poweredby a 300hp cadillac v8.

this year sbarro and his students have presentedthe mojave another hot road powered by jaguar v8. in the end sbarro is great designer, of coursewith hi ups and downs, but he is a special designer which always would amaze you withhis crazy creations plus he is not just a design he is also an engineer like sad…… you can see sbarro in different car collectionlike the lovwman museum in netherlands, autobau museum in switzerland and rainbow sheik carcollection. most of the sbarro cars are still owned byhim and are displayed on his design school, s you rarely see sbarro cars to pop up forsale and those that show up for sale most

of the times are sbarro replicas and theyare not cheap.