office interior design presentation

office interior design presentation

luong a an interior designer and workand the mathematical how the german project and i work with to weather and here isthat as a machine and i've been focusing on the interiorarchitecture the space and the interior material initiative once they have thearchitecture peyton place and we start looking at what the most appropriatematerials are gonna be picking up the finishes from the post races all the way to the private offices this outsider looking at here right nowi'm is another step of

uh... interior finishes that unesco will choose from rehearing middle wehave um... more of the public spaces pilot roscoe flooring this free areasuh... christopher wood paneling uh... which is throughout the wholepublic space uh... basically clinton on the wallsthis is your carpeting that's going to go through out um... we have aluminum frame storefronts

we have any fertig glass for all of the um... office fronts in front of me we have uh... some trialoptions for the bathrooms basically we're getting them two different options this is out of theglass mosaic tile and this could be an the back six year while behind the sinks and then this style would be used on thefloors and also the other but a lot of these officials for thelecture hall

this is an option for the carpet here itis that species of whether using for all of that uh... wood paneling in the room theseare the conditions for the wet lab uh... forest forty-nine on the northside is are gonna have uh... forever tile flooring at fast under the fact is i recycledcontent is no pcs uh... and uh... it will all be fields and and and timantimicrobial we think about acoustic sticking to that comfort we think aboutuh...

what if there's going to be food in thestates for uh... anything like that