office interior design concept

office interior design concept

[music plays throughout] [kourtney] today,we are showcasing our thesis project, which is the accumulation of four years. we do a final huge projectwhere we just celebrate together and reflect with one another,as well as industry professionals. my project is actually an art therapy-based cancer support centre. so i personally wanted to give back in a special way. [aaron]my concept is spectrum unity. so it's a creative work and learn hub.

so the idea is bringingeducation and industry into one building to work together to create new ideas. [zaiba mian]the interior design program, we try and encourage our studentsto engage conceptually but realizing though that the conceptsand the abstract ideas they explore have to be incorporated into some sort of functional space. so we like to thinkthat the thesis project show this marriageof conceptual thinking

and programmatic requirements so that we're training them to think,design thinking, but we're also training them to goand work, uh, with real programs with real clients in the workplace. [yoel berznoger] there've been a lotof really successful graduates from the program. an- and being someonethat works with the design community on a day to day basis, i see, i see humber grads and alumall over the place in the industry.

so it's, uh, it's definitely known for... for producing some really great,talented designers. [aaron] i actually have a interviewin two weeks in, uh, seattle for a firm, so i'm looking forward to that. [kourtney] i actually just got hiredas a junior designer at straticom,downtown toronto. [shalaka] humber is, um,a school that's so diverse. um, and the kind of approachhumber has, for not just our program,but for every other program,

is so different to other schools. you know,everything is so hands on, and the teachers are so helpful, and i'm just, i'm- it feels great to be done,but i'm also sad. like, i'm s-humber was like my home. [zaiba]i taught this group in first year, and now, to see how far they've come in fourth year, it's really a, a great feeling.

they really matured as designers and as people. so i feel very proud. [music fades out]

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