office interior design companies london

office interior design companies london

youtubei've got jason and justin. idon't know. justin and jason? i have no idea, but i am so gladthat they're here and they're going to help mefigure this all out. i'm kalyn rothaus. and that's me at myfirst building project. and my first power lunch. for as longas i can remember i've wanted to be a designer. and now here iam creating functional and fabulous spaces. this is myclient mark alfieri, founder and chairmen of brandstar andthat's carmen, his chief operating officer. they'veasked me to take this building

and turn it into a modern andefficient workspace. it's going to be a challenge, but inthe end the new space will be functional and of course it willmost definitely be fabulous. in the construction business timemarches on even if you're not ready. for everyone on thisproject we've all been working feverishly to meet the 90 dayconstruction deadline. over the past couple weeks we completedthe breakroom with a new kitchen and micro-market. we added highspeed water filling stations and now we're about to turn ourattention to technology that

will continue directly to thiscompanies bottom line. mark's company brandstar producestelevision programs. they're also a multi-screen advertisingand marketing agency. one of the most important spaces forbrandstar in this building is going to be the conference's the place for staff meetings and clientpresentations. i've been working closely with mark tomake sure we're giving employees comfortable and hightech conference room. mark needed all of this technology inthe conference room really for

the wow factor. when we haveparticipants or potential clients come in to our space wereally want them to see what we can do, take the content wecreate and really display it in unique and creative ways thatthey may not be able to see in other spaces. the center pieceof this conference room is of course the table. actually,there are going to be two tables because we have two conferencerooms in the design. i've decided to work with arnoldcontract, a company known for their hand crafted american madefurniture. eric arnold stopped

by a month ago when our spacelooked very different. there's a lot of electronics that needto be fed through these conference tables so it'simportant that we have accurate measurements before the tablesare manufactured. there are somemeasurements that we needed to double check and go over withthe team here, but no surprises that we haven't encounteredbefore. ok great, so stone, stone, stone, all of this is stone. ok great, so i'vegot the finishes and what we

need todo is measure the conference table where the cords arelocated there our next challenge is the conferencetables for the two boardrooms, where an exact measurement iscritical for cutting holes in the table top and for accesspanels in the base. there are literally thousands of wires andmiles of cable that need to be hidden and out of site. i'mtying all of the technology into the table so itcan communicate with the video equipment on the wall. in thisboardroom we have these rows of

furniture. so after the lastriser i would say we have about 36 inches of clear floor spaceand then you want to start centering your table there. thenext step is once the drawings are finally approved by kalyn wego back to our manufacturing plant and we build the furnitureas per spec on the drawings. everything is pre-assembled inthe facility in new jersey. everything is precut, premeasured and preinstalled, dry fit and then it's loaded up onthe truck and delivered to the site. in today's businessenvironment how well you

communicate with people insideand outside an organization is very important. and the toolsthat are used to communicate sometimes determine howsuccessful a company will be. so i've turned to barco, a globaltechnology company that designs and develop visualizationsolutions that are really going to helpbrandstar's communications. i've asked dave fitzgerald anddan corr from barco to stop by. they're one of the leaders inthe industry of visualization solutions. barco is avisualization company. we make

products that show images, thatshow content, that show information. and we makeproducts that range from projectors to monitors, tocollaboration equipment. some of the most noticeable places thatyou'll see barco are places like the super bowl for example.or large venues where there are large projected images onbuildings. you'll also see us on led walls in times square.we've got a very high profile, visualization products locatedall over the globe. given what this company does in aproduction environment you're

working with video, you'reworking with partners across the globe. you're bringing invideo teleconferencing, you're reviewing media types. socialmedia is a big portion of your out take. all of that needs tobe seen. and every surface, potentially, needs to be avehicle to support that. so i've turned to barco toprovide the projection for our conference rooms and video wallsthat will display our video message throughout the building.and today we're doing a site survey so i can show david anddan all of the different areas

of the job site that we haveprepped for their equipment. i had some really big ideas on howto make these spaces more collaborative and i knew thetechnology existed in order to make it happen. so i reallywanted to sort of activate the space with technology. ourreception desk comes out to about here and it's just thisbig block of stone that sort of bites into that wall because theroom has a little bit of asymmetry. and then the firstthing you see is that video wall. the first area that wasmost concerning to me was the

sense of arrival. i've workedwith them and we've come up with a video wall for behind thereception desk. this does a couple of things. it bringsenergy to the space and it also informs the person who is comingto this office space immediately whatever information we want toprovide that day. additionally, in the executive boardroom whichis adjacent to the reception area we are doing another videowall. and the energy that media can produce especially becausebrandstar is a media production company, it was important for meto be able to display all of

this media that everyone isproducing to the employees. but it was here in the big boardroomspace that i really felt excited to share my design vision oftechnology with david and dan. so here is the center line ofthe table. so go ten feet this way and ten feet this way. thislooks like it was cut for access? so that is actually atouch screen for av control. when we first talked to kalynshe had big plans for this exciting new meeting space. shehad a vision that she wanted this to be cutting edge, shewanted it to be user friendly,

all of which are things that ourproducts are well suited for. coming up. no matter how muchgreat technology you have in the office place, if no one knowshow to use it it's worthless. along with all of this cuttingedge technology being installed in the twoconference rooms, my design plan also calls for custom madeprojection screens and roller shades for privacy. again,everything needs to be controlled by one device so mydesign challenge was to find a company that could providecustom options for hide away

screens and for privacy at thepress of a button. that's when i met matt from draper, acompany with lots of customized experience in making theseproducts. draper, we've been making window shades since 1902and we've been in the projection screen business since1957 so we have anywhere from a 113 years to over 60 years ofexperience of various products here. since i needed allinstallation to happen at the same time to meet our deadlinefor completion of this building, the key here was to make sureexact measurements were taken

before any fabric wasmanufactured for the motorized roller shades and projectionscreens. our process is when we order our product is that wehave to first come out and get a look at the space and take afield measurement. all these products, at least on the rollershade side, our custom products. they have to be built exactly tothe space down to the eighth of an inch. so we have to come outand do a field measurement, make sure they match up to any typeof glazing or molding structure on the inside. at that point wego about putting in an order.

getting to that manufactured,which typically takes two to three weeks. when you'removing this many people into a smaller workspace one thing iskey. you have to embrace technology. it not only makes itfaster for you to share information, but it also makescollaboration and efficiency much easier. now it's onething to have access to all of this technology, but it'squite another to actually understand it and know how touse it. my it director adam brown shares my concern thatwhile all of these gadgets are

cool, they have to be userfriendly or they simply won't be used. the major challengewith technology in an office space is creating an environmentwhere it's user friendly for the employees to use. so whenthey're doing a presentation they're not discouraged aboutusing it, they're willing to use it and it works for them. nomatter how much great technology you have in the office place ifno one knows how to use it than it's worthless. so that'swhy i've turned to greg rhoades from leviton, to come upwith a user friendly solution.

leviton is a hundred and tenyear old company that can be best described as single sourceprovider. leviton provided us with not only the actualhardware needed but also touch panels that actually controlall of the technology throughone device. so what leviton does isfrom one app bring together all of the sub-systems within thebuilding. and that could be lighting, hvac, the audiovisual, certainly the security aspect, some door locks andcommercial security, video

surveillance, and reallyprovides it on that single interface so that way it'seasy for the end user, it's saving them money, it'sprotecting the property. in particular i was looking for onesolution to connect and control all of the audio visualequipment and technology that will be in the two conferencerooms. this is where all of the new technology will cometogether and some of it is so state of the art it hasn'teven been seen before. and that's where leviton excels.with its platform that can

control almost anything. kind oflike a universal remote but for the office space. so whatwe've done here is we have a leviton controller. it'scalled the bitwise controller. and this allows us to kind ofwrangle all of the audio visual components in this particulararea. it's all designed to hide the complexity of what'sreally going on back here in the it server room where all of themiles of cables and wires come together and are neatly wrappedbehind the leviton controller and network infrastructureunits. this is where the true

brains of technology integrationcan be found. so these are the bitwise controllers. so this isreally what everything comes back to and it's allowing usfrom that ipad or from that touch panel to be able tocontrol everything from the audio visual to the hvac to thelighting to the security. and so that really is facilitated byall of the leviton networking as well. so now that i have all ofthis incredible technology in the building and i know what iwant it to do. the next step is a lot more complex - installingthe technology to actually make

it work. that will require acomplete integration of different technologies for manydifferent brands. but i think i found the solution in onecompany that excels in tying all of this together. the stone hasbeen carefully cut and fabrication is complete for ourreception desk and conference tables and today the trucks havearrived with the giant slabs of material. in the conference roomand boardroom it was crucial that the tables be placed withexact access to the power unit in the floor. based on the floorplan, i had designed where the

tables needed to sit and i hadto be 100 percent confident that they would never be moved again.i've only got 6 inches of leeway or wiggle room to movethat table around. not to mention having to deal with theweight of a 600 pound table. of course those final touchesinclude the actual laying down of each half of those 300 poundslabs of stone for the table top. and carefully checkingtheir alignment for accuracy. the endresult? a conference table truly tied with technology for a mediacompany of the future.

so we wanted to take this longwall and create a 20 foot screen with blended projectors. it'sjust information on a wall. i saw this long wall and wetalked about it with kalyn and we wanted to dosomething unusual there. at barco we very much believe thatinformation should be everywhere so we wanted to take this longwall and create this 20 foot screen with blended projectors,not your typical aspect ratio, it's not video in a box it'sjust information on a wall. so as installation of all of thiscool technology gets underway

it's wonderful to see thetransformation taking place. i love dan's idea of blendingimages from several projectors onto a large solid wall surfacefor a seamless projection. plus, it utilizes it's softwarepartner x20. x20 creates a platform that allows us to takeour content that we are creating, distribute itthroughout the office. we can have it in our lobby, in ourconference rooms, in the private office spaces and it allows usto do some messaging for the employees and the visitors inour office. but i was blown away

by another one of barco'sofferings. a device called clickshare that allows anyone toshare images and content from their own device and display iton a video screen or video wall. you can literally sit there,plug the clickshare button into your laptop or select theclickshare app on your iphoneor tablet and share instantly with an entire meeting room. itdoesn't matter if they're the 18th person in the back ofthe room or the person up at the front of the room, whoever wantsto share their content will have

the ability to have a button ontheir device, be able to push the button and be up either onthe big screen in the front or the video wall that we'll beputting over here on the large wall on the side. fortunately,with products like clickshare which make it very easy to justpress and button and your information blasts on thescreen. certainly i think the employees are going to be blownaway immediately by the amount of technology that we'veactually put into this space. drapes are important because weneed to be able to cover up the

glass windows, we're doingprojection in this room, any type of tv, you want to keep theamount of ambient light down coming into the area so it's agood way to roll down a fabric window treatment, block out someof the light and then have that motorized raised up into theceiling to disappear and give a nice clean look to the spaceinside. all of this crazy new technology from all thesedifferent brands is being installed into one office the question is will it all work together seamlessly?you'll do a double take when

you meet the people i've foundwho specialize in tying all of this technology together. sowe're getting to the finish line and now it's time tostart ot integrate all of the av into this project which isextremely complex! so i've called upon complete integratedtechnology to come and help me solve this problem and get allof our buttons in this building. so i've got jason and justin.i don't know. justin and jason? i have no idea, but i'mso glad they're here and they're going to help mefigure this all out! now i have

to admit i have a hard timetelling them apart, but boy, do these twin brothers know abouttechnology. as co-owners of complete integrated technology,jason and justin gelfand are able to take nearly every brandof technology in this building and make it work with eachother. in the technology world our job is to integrate all ofthe components of a building or system that we're working onwhich means we touch pretty much every part of technology whetherit's high voltage, low voltage systems, and we make all of theparts work together, and let

me tell you that's no easytask to take gadgets from dozens of different manufacturers andmake them talk to each other. in fact, make them so compatiblethat they can control from one central device like an ipad.when we come into a room and it's full of electronics andyou have all of these different systems and components, we takeand make everything work seamlessly, typically throughtouch panel remote controls. in the boardroom, for example,there are tons of components that everything from there'sfive projectors in the single

boardroom. three of them are onesingle blend together which has special processors that makethat work. the key to simplifying all of thiscomplexity is proper programming of each individual device. butit also means taking the miles and miles of cable behind eachtechnology and correctly wiring it to the leviton processor thatcontrols everything in the it server room. this job requiredprogramming for many different devices and every company usestheir own language so that means we have to work with themanufacturing, get their codes

set or their language ofprogramming and then we use the leviton interface which talksall of these different languages and we had to do a lot of customprogramming for some of these devices because they're brandnew out of the market. here we have the blueprint showing thelayout of all of the electronics how the leviton touch panels getintegrated with all of the devices, shows the connectivitybetween these devices. these are the barco processors thatcombine all of the video feeds for the three projectors thatwill show one image. every

projector goes back to theprocessors so everything is going to talk together with thesystem from leviton. so jason and justin basicallycame in and held the torch to carry all of this to thefinish line. helping the workers from barco anddraper with installation of their products and helpingleviton with integration of all of this technology. the endresult? high tech gadgets that are so user friendly all ittakes is the press of a button on a touch pad to make thiswhole conference room come alive

with technology. our goal iswhen we are done with the user interface is to not even have atraining session. for them to be able to just be able to pick upthe remote control and know without any training how to turnon the system and walk through and change the settings. it'stechnology that's now a lot less confusing thanks to jasonand justin. although even after all of this work there is stilla little confusion as to which twin brother is who. we foundwith this product probably some people don't even know thatthere's two of us. it's been

another hectic, but reallyexciting two weeks here on the work site. it's always specialfor me to see the design turn into reality. that reality isreally evident in the two conference the arnold contracthand crafted conference tables are just beautiful. the barcoprojectors will give the creative team here at brandstarall kinds of options for presentations. the screens andprivacy drapes from draper really complete the room. andspeaking of complete, complete integrated technology reallypulled it all together. with the

help of these leviton controls.coming up we have much more to add in in the next couple ofweeks. we're going to be keeping complete integratedtechnology and our friends at very busy! as i'vesaid before everything we do here is designed to befunctional and of course, fabulous.end company credits

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