office interior design companies in abu dhabi

office interior design companies in abu dhabi

well first of all langley interiors primarily is a family business so this is our 40th anniversary which we are really really excited about and because of that we are doing what we do best and making three brand new rooms for our showroom. we like to think that we've got a centre of excellence for interiors

peter is extremely good at managing and designing interior space most people think of interior space in terms of just one aspect of it but we can pull all of it together. soft furnishings, we manufacture the furniture, peter does all of the interior design and layouts, i like to think of it more as a boutique for bedrooms, bathrooms and

and other areas. and as you wander round the showroom its very difficult i think to take it all in in one visit. the detail that is in here does take a while to just soak it all up. and of course the devil is in the detail. everything that our clients want

we pull all of the trades together the electricals, plumbing, plastering, decorating, the whole thing really. we pride ourselves on being an interior designer, not just furniture manufacturer these days so we do actually help clients to source accessories for the room everything in the whole showroom you can buy,

or if there is something in particular that you want that will go with your room then we can help you source that. we are a local wine merchants specialising in top quality wines by the case, and we are proud to be here this evening to support a wonderful evening. well i'm ian walsh and i am a company called

iwi watches, and i manufacture my own watches. this watch i designed on the theme of like mods, like paul weller and things like that, i actually gave paul weller one of these watches last year. because i've been here for 12 years as a sales manager, then generally at langley's we believe

that we've got to offer good value for money, something different, and give the customer what they want, satisfaction at the end of the day. we drove past about three months ago, and i talked my wife into coming in to have a look around, and peter is now doing three bathrooms, three bedrooms for a full house

that we are building in the garden. you need to come and see this because its not like the magazine or the website you've got to feel it, touch it, experience it because the quality is just out of this world. yeah, yeah... i've not seen anything like it. its absolutely brilliant. its special, its different,

its designed to fit what you want you don't have to buy a package from someone that is a certain size he'll build anything to fit in any room. we are definitely a very unique showroom people who come in here we are very proud to say, say this is the best showroom in the country and that i hear it time and time again

and it just fills me with pride to be able to work for this place and work within this family company and produce something that is so beautiful, so unique that people get a lot of pleasure out of in their day to day life.

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