office interior design cape town

office interior design cape town

hey guys!a couple of people have asked for an update on the building's getting a lot closer. still not you can see here we've got garage doors in and all the people doors are in so it'slocked up. still really happy with it.i'm going to show you around a little bit can see the trim colors that we've got here.the corners are the same color as the building and around the windows and the garage doorsare a different color. this corner close to us is where the livingquarters will be.

i'll show you inside in just a's the other corner. this corner with the windows will be a shopbay so it's got a lot of natural light in it.the shop has doors on either end so you can drive straight through with big trailers.a lot of water comes off this. you might consider gutters if you want toinvest in them. it's starting to erode a little line already.eventually we may put some under roof lighting out here and fill in the soffits but thatwill be down the line a little ways. here's the back of the's got the same overhangs. not a whole lot of useful space back herebut it's great for storage.

here's one more quick angle of the outsidebefore we go inside. there's the air conditioner for the livingquarters here. quite a bit of room around the building toturn around. here's the inside of the building.all of the lights are off now. it's a sunny day and i wanted to give youan idea of what it looks like, how much light there is without any lights on in's easily workable in here but not exactly's the building with the main peak lights can see there's quite a bit more light in here.the are high bay units and there are four

of them.hopefully you can see those up there. they have 6 t8 bulbs in each one.they are fairly expensive but they do a great job and they light up, something to consider. we've got 12 high pressure sodium lights thatare also in here. they take a while to light up and don't givequite as nice of a light but they were actually free so that's why we're using them.i'm going to turn them on and then we'll get the rest of the tour here.ok, the lights are pretty well warmed up now. we've got a couple out but you can see there'splenty of light in here. i'll give you a little walking tour a couple of boat projects in here.

it's really not set up...we're right in the middle of the project still. some big racks....pass through door on the south side. continue and drive right through the northside if you want. bunch of other projects and stuff for theliving quarters. over on this corner, this is going to be awork bay with all of the windows here. a lot of light coming in from outside.big doors on the east side. you can see the living quarters are studdedout, the heat and air is in, electric has been run.up on top can be expanded in the future to another level but right now it's kind of agreat hang out spot.

we're going to put railings up there for safetybut it's pretty neat up there. here's the living can come right in from outside into the shop area or straight into the living quarters.stairs going up top. i'll take you through here real quick.going to be a coat closet there. this will be living room and kitchen the right is a guest bath, half bath. going through the living some big windows. tv in the corner.back here this will be the master bedroom. fairly big size room.then you get back into the master bath back here.and behind here is a master walk-in closet.

you can walk back through the guest bathroomback into the shop area. we'll go upstairs.this is a pretty cool view up here. this is a large space up's kind of like a deck that's inside. good hangout can see the garage doors here. the garage door openers are a commercial liftmaster belt drive openers that work pretty i've got all of the garage doors open except this one.i'll show you. nice moving a lot of light in here. it makes it feel really open.i forgot to mention in this video that over

here this will be a bathroom right here besidethis desk. it just hasn't been framed up's one last shot from in the work bay.

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