office interior design brown

office interior design brown

hello my creative weirdos welcome toanother mr. kate decorates or doing a room on a budget but guys we have twopeople today newlyweds stephanie and collin they've just moved in togetherafter their wedding after their honeymoon we have to bring them somedesign but guys we have three hundred dollars and only one day to do thislet's set the timer oh yes and thank you mary for sponsoring this video let's gomeet the couple mr. cheney the introduction you are no listen mr. and mrs. gavin hello this is thefirst time that you guys are cohabitating yeah you guys havesomething that i feel like a lot of

couples struggle with you can't reallyshop because you have a disagreement in styleyes pretty much so but you have been able to kind of find some inspirationimages that you guys can agree on i know you have that chair that you love yesthey you sit in every day to work as wonderful of that one yeah that's rightokay so comfortable he a little bit of a vintage buy like you have your plant potthat you got at a thrift store yeah and the textured picture of it to him beforeand he was like i'm okay with that good great yeah but then you killed theplant on your honeymoon i would say before that it was on its way i'm gonnajump in a challenge for a newly wedded

couple keep the plan alive then you canmaybe move up to a church then maybe and maybe you know see how you do oh and ilove the couch and the rug that you guys picked out they thank you for doing thatcuz that means i don't have to find it now and you also have some furniture inhere that is what i can me down stop everything was pretty much inherited thetable the tv stand all of our chairs but they're in like fairly good shape forsomething we can work with some of that and then we have these vertical vines orshape them we have pillows with no pillow cases which you told me aboutthose pillows have been with me since i was in college so they had some verylike neon pink pillowcases that he was

like no we can't agree on any of casesso they're just like we're gonna try to bring in some of this stop you guyshaven't unpacked yet yeahyou work from home desk yes important like really important yeah all righthere we will apply it but you okay you're nervous yeah okay so this istheir first time experiencing someone attacking you over anything yeah okayi'm gonna get going but we gotta go shopping because there is like so much joey joey i'm really worried about thiswhat joey where are you before we get into the rest of the video i want totalk to you about today's sponsor macari

it is a shopping and selling app andit's really cool because one of the most common comment we get on these videos iswe don't have cool thrift stores in our area so i thought it would be fun if ibuilt a dining room set up with all mercury stuff and use the app and showyou guys okay so i'm going to search diningchairs okay hey lay these so now we define the table ooh this is cute okayso this one this looks like a good size with the chairs and then let's do like acenterpieces and maybe like a face boo milk well guys i don't start with milkglass this is not like white glass with the little dollops on it now what i liketo do is lay out the photos in the

collage so i can see what they look likenext to each other as you know they all play together they're all friends butlike unique you know it's like a great squad great check this outboom subscribe obviously this is another great way to find some awesome the dishvines from the comfort of your home on your phone and also what's cool is youguys can the listings and sell them and if you're in the uk there's no feet ofsolid room you guys there's a small penis out and obviously when you'reshopping there's no time to shop i really do lovely things and i'll put thelink to mark re in the description below andi by roxanne oh i'm sorry i didn't mean

to wake you street today let's just be very realthis isn't just a living room on a budget this is a living room dining roomoffice combo for $300 i feel like that's makes us you guys not only like to hitup the third store first and foremost to find those super budget-friendly findsbranch out from there alright so let's go for the shopping list we need somekind of like sideboard kitchen storage for buy their kitchen dining room cuzright now there's that utility shelf not very cute something for like the deskbecause right now he sits at the dining table and we want to give him a properdesk in that empty area what seemed the

zookie boxa giant salt shaker joey this one which one this one the one with like thedrop crystal does their dining-room tables like you know very basic likethat'll be a nice balance yeah that's good you like it yeah heyhow amazingly perfect justice das obviously this is something else thatgoes net but look drawers file cabinet it was 125 but she said we could do itfrom their piece it's out in front oh my gosh there's a giantwhoa look at her eye she's definitely haunted and she's definitely out of ourbudget there's storage in here look at thislook at how tall this is this

well it's marked at 125 because it haslike probably because that's like disco so tell them you don't like it but thenwe want to buy it do that negotiation with me hi oh i love meeting people nicei'm thinking about buying the spiezio this is very nice and my name what's thebest price you do for me on this one 25 you must really like this piece it'sbeautiful you know i really like you thank you andi want to take this off your hands i can see you're in here foryou know we go some scratch yes you know it's old its you're buying it becauseit's all it nice i'm buying it because it's gonna work and i'm gonna have to dosome work on this though just to see

what kind of work are you gonna do withit i'm gonna have to you know fix some of the stuff that's happening we're hereon the top look i kind of like this stuff maybe i won't so much oh do youlike this mirror i feel like this would be pretty either by the entry or by thedining room you need a desk we need to beneath itdo you want to pull the golden ticket yeah you only get one golden ticket amonth a month yep okay yeah yeah and i'll get an extra $20 this became forheroes in the 300 hours because she pulled the gun and ticket folks we onlytold the golden ticket when you are seriously in need of help because youonly get one golden ticket a month

hundred dollars wisely guys guys guys give ourselves a golden ticket and so on i know so many 300 budgets you can do let me just saythat $300 is a lot for a lot of people okay ifeel really good about our purchases because those are items that this newcouple will have forever so we have a hundred ninety bucks leftyeah curtains for two windows i need accessories i need plans i'm gonna haveto use like fresh flowers we're gonna go scrounge some plants guys the budgetcalls were scrounging plan hardware store for like some tile pieces a littlebit of growl to revamp their existing

coffee table save it the money we cameto our mecca bts because we need frames and we needaccessories and so we pass by vet teshuva bts one of our favorite placesto shop it's a - bladder it just looks calling for us like thatis like vintage vibe that's so cute they have a bunch of plates up on top of thatstuff over there well ours good eyes joey good yeah look how vintage cute she these aregreat right look how cute oh wait are you sure you don't wanna geta cowboy hat this everything so this is the final bunch of everything

did you see this leopardi did see this basket trunk her plans yepjoey's so many things okay you all give really good are youdesign a nagi red lipstick red lipstick abort abort kit this already looksdecorated let me know i'm here oh my gosh alright so i what about thetv curtains light we're gonna move that chair bring that into the office or so alot of painting to do right okay i gave okay what okay yeah set timer i'm gonna paint this room anhour juiz lottery everywhere where your drugsawesome

i feel you're gonna be exhausted at thebed i'm already exhausted how much smoothersarge don't you go it looks great okay so i am going to stain this shelf inthese shelf brackets these are just like really basic wood shelf brackets andthen this is a scrap piece of plywood and i'm gonna seen it a beautiful walnutcolor and we're going to mount it above our new old desk tyl tabletop project we are going toupdate this very well-loved coffee table and make it look more chic because it'sbubbling in places and it's just scratched but obviously we don't have itin the budget to get a brand new coffee

table we picked up just some randomtiles at the hardware store and they're all unified by color the color white ididn't want them to all be the same shape because i want it to look morelike a mosaic kind of feel we don't need to use quick set like the normal stuffthat you smear on to lay tile down instead i'm gonna use some heavy-dutyadhesive to get the tile nice and stuff and then i'm gonna go in like younormally would with some grout but this grout is black just gonna look so coolin contrast with the white tile and it's also gonna kind of complement the rugwe're gonna use some of this little half round moldingso this way we're basically creating a

frame for then the tile to live inside all right guys so i'm just doing thismethodically as i go they don't want to leave the pattern that i've laid outhere okay yeah i did it jig was five minutes to spare despair onwhat to spare on the wall and i painted the walls with five minutes to sparethey look really good but we also like so much more to doyes we need to bask in our successes for a little bit more than a split secondreally they need to get this done we have to make this room worthy of thebulletin table can you finish that table so your light fixture at least i justadded water to our beautiful dark or how

it's me and now we're gonna fill in allof the gaps with this because our liquid nails i've dried of all of these trialsare nicely secured to the top don't worry i know i just smeared blackall over donna what but damp sponge is for so once i feel like these are allreally pushed in and i go over with the damp sponge and clean it off gallery wall time okay these newlywedshave some very beautiful wedding photos the key with styling wedding photos isnot having them all up you've got a limit yourself you would rather this bethe centerpiece and then have the other photos around kind of complementing ittelling the story of a nature romance

nature shots um i've taken that i haveon my computer to blow up i am going to pop these now into the frames we got atthe thrift store i'm where we stopped at with yes secure the backing end theirwedding photos blown up taking take these to the drugstore okay okayjolie julie tell alerts me mr. dolittle timer yepso let's build the gallery wall around this yeah can i mark it here my markinghere hang on to my finger perfect oh my gosh it looks so good in here guyswhat do you think

we've taken that vintage eclectic vibebut it's still fresh with the fresh white walls and all the plants reallybring in a lot of life they better keep them alivefunctional couple challenge for them and i know we pulled the golden ticket youguys but we needed to because we got these big pieces of furniture in herethe light fixture is so glamorous but still finding vibes i hope they love itit's time to bring them in are we ready are we ready ready oh my god i love thatshould we keep the ship it's not too late go ahead gussy your name likeactually freaking out yeah yes so cool yeah yeah because wewere just so it's so much better than

anything i would have imagined to dohere and now the big question for the couple because you guys couldn'tdecorate this place because you couldn't agree mm-hmm do you agree that you willflank the space absolutely yeah you guys are two months of your marriage rightyeah i wanna see the same happiness in chemistry ten years yeah you know whatthe secret is you always matter how hard makesomething work forget to put these our celebration goodjob guys which by the way they gave us these for free we we did not threatenthe golden ticket on the good job good jobyeah always love her kisses don't you

get more lipstick on you but thank youfor your call your consent whoa guys thank you so much for watchingthese we love doing these budget videos for you i'm so glad that i was able totake that golden ticket because obviously we did pretty much like threerooms in one so let us know in the comments what you think of the design and guys follow us on social media ifyou don't already the links will be in the description below we're gonna godown yeah we did you did you did you guys did it guys stay weird staywonderful stay creative because why not we'll see you next time

no i can't driver be sure that's safebecause what if you need to like slam on the brakes with both feet well i canstill work my other foot u-haul along the finished wall andthat's not a long high tide platform i've been driving since i was five yearsold doing are you sure i know no totally i grew up on a farm you don't know youdidn't know me when i was five years old

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