office interior design brief

office interior design brief

wipro digital is a digital transformation partner. it combines the capabilities of a consultancy and the adaptability of an agency. it intersects three domains: strategy, design and technology, to speed the digital transformational journey for large enterprise clients. we recognised was that there was a real need to create a culture, a digital culture, both in order to attract and retain digital talent from those three domains. it’s a very competitive marketplace for talent. in order to do that, we needed a space that was culturally right. it needed to have a number of different functional elements to it,

but it really needed to feel like a digital space. and it’s created a really good vibe, in terms of our can-do attitude and our creativity. one of the most important things has been the client reaction to our new home. it has added a large degree of credibility i think, to what we talk about. so, as a constituent part of brand, it's really important that the space we’ve got is well designed, and feels like it's appropriate both functionally and as a utility, and i think that's been one of the most important things. in fact, clients are really keen to not just come and visit us, but to come and work here too. working with m moser was a real pleasure. it was something i was looking forward to.

the result we’ve ended up with is testament to the fact that the relationship was a really healthy one. the most important thing for us is the collaboration. being able to sit next to each other and talk to each other, being able to just walk up to a wall and just write on it and get our diagrams done. it’s that freedom that is the most important thing. i can’t fault this. it’s great. we had this thing when we were in the other office. we said “yeah, when we’re in the new offices things will change”. at first i thought we were overreacting, but actually no, things have changed since we were here. the open space behind; the kitchen, the foosball table, the coffee machine helps quite a lot.

i think it’s been overlooked. there are many things happening there because it’s a little bit less formal. but it’s still quite formal, because the meeting rooms are there – that’s a really nice plus. you can chill out or have different kinds of conversations. it’s quite alive. it’s an alive office. other people from the company come to the office and say “we’d like to be there as well!”

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