office interior design bradford

office interior design bradford

the new allegheny health networkwexford health + wellness pavilion is like nothing you've seen,yet it's everything highmark members could want. it's in-network health carethat's close to home. it's the kind of care you'd find ina hospital, minus the emergency room and overnight stays. it's high-quality care plus comfortplus convenience, in one state-of-the-art facility. and that's a big plus for highmark membersand the entire community.

it's primary care doctors andpediatricians plus over 30 medical and surgical's cardiac care plus mris. physical therapy plus a cafe.cancer care plus x-rays. orthopedics plus a playroom. it's where you can walk-in without anappointment and be seen by a primary care doctor, or getx-rays and bloodwork performed. it's a cardiovascular institute that offerscardiac rehab and diagnostic testing. it's comprehensive orthopedic surgery,sports medicine and rehabilitation. it's a women's center with a fullspectrum of gynecologic and breast health

services, including innovative 3dmammography screenings. it's a state-of-the art cancer institute withadvanced radiation and medical oncology plus a 16-chair infusion centerand reflection garden. it's an outpatient surgery center for everythingfrom colonoscopies to general surgery. it's where you can get eyeglasses,fill a prescriptions and even grab a bite to eat. it's where you can attend wellnessclasses and healthy cooking demonstrations. it's where there's a free supervised playroomwhere the kids can wait while you have an appointment or test.

it's where you'll discover that health pluswellness plus your highmark membership, means that, indeed, you are better with blue.

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