office interior design blue

office interior design blue

this video will show you how to build some cool things for your office! ;d i'll display what i'm working on in the bottom left corner. this first thing is very simple, just to get this video started. this is my go-to office chair. now i'll show you how to make an interactive copy machine. *amazing song plays in the background* this weird floor will make sense in a bit! i have tried making it compact but very complicated at the same time. now we need to open the iron trap doors.

now fill the dropper with whatever item you want the machine to drop! just another cool prop to make your office cooler than everyone else's! it fits in both small and big offices! it's meant to look like one of those classic red and white calendars.. this one will look like it's leaning against the wall. you can add it to your office desk! the squares on the banner look like the boxes on a calendar.. :] now for a filing cabinet that you can use to store documents.. :] you can use any type of slabs you want.

the stone slabs fit well into an office, in my opinion. now we need to hide a minecart with a chest inside the cabinet. this is what makes it functional. the slab that is further out kind of looks like a pulled out drawer! now the minecart looks like it's part of the cabinet! you can still see the top, so cover that off with carpets. now it's time to decorate it so it looks like it has categories. there's many ways to do this, but i think color-coding looks cute.. you can have more than one pulled out drawer if you like!

you can also categorize it alphabetically using signs! turning the color-coding also gives it a cool effect. now you are ready to file all your boring office related documents! an obligatory addition to any boring office! :] this water dispenser will fit any office! not really, but it's cool! blends in nicely! it's time for a really cool computer! it won't be very functional, but it'll act like a real working computer! :d

there's quite a bit of redstone behind this thing, but nothing we can't handle. we need to connect the pressure plate to what is called a t-flip-flop. it's a thing that sort of makes signals act like a lever would. with this, we'll be able to make the computer do all sorts of things. hmm, something is not right.. oh, i see what i did wrong.. there we go, back on track. now the t-flip flop works! as you can see, the red block changes position whenever it receives an input.

this is basically the entire structure, we just need to place some redstone stuff. as you might imagine, different things are going to happen when we activate the pressure plate. the lines of repeaters on the right will activate two different sound effects.. we can customize these a lot! i'll be using them for start up and shut down sound sound effects. let's make the computer look good as well! this might take a while finally looks good, but it's not done yet!

i'll need to create the sounds i want. that was the start up sound. sounds good, i'll make the shut down sound a reversed version of that.. the computer is done, let's test it! start up and shutdown sounds.. while it is on, you can click the mouse which play a sound too.. while it is on, the screen also lights up, but that can only be seen in the dark. when the computer is turned off, the mouse won't do anything, perfect! :d here's a little demo.

interactive and lights up when on. you will definitely have a cooler computer than all your friends! and that's what this game is all about. :] make sure the armor stand is facing straight forward. hmm, i'm going to try again, maybe i can get them to line up perfectly.. oh well, that will do.. :i the levers look like antennas on the router. you can even posiition them as you want, like most real routers! :] this router will also add to the rest of your office. :]

now it's time for another interactive thing for you already cool office! :d rename some paper to something you'd like your printer to print... it could be homework or very important documents, i'm being a bit boring here... it's important to have some lighting by the base of this banner, which is why there's a hole in the wall. it's a great looking printer and it can be activated using the iron pressure plate. it's just a nice detail you can brag about if your friends want to see your office. fits well into your existing office! now for a tablet design i've used for a long time. to make this, we'll have to use an armor stand trick.

now push a block into the armor stand, so only the top of the helmet is showing. the helmet will be the screen of the tablet. it has turned dark, which is perfect. this is actually the best viewing angle... as you can see, the screen is a bit thicker than the rest... another cool detail for your office! now for a whiteboard using a variety of different banners. i will be making the type of whiteboard with wheels that you can push around. i'll also show you some additional useful office banners at the end.

right now we are making the wheels... now it's time to somohow connect the wheels with what will become the whiteboard itself... i'm using iron bars... the fun part is right around the corner... once the basic whiteboard is finished, it's decorating time!

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