office interior design belfast

office interior design belfast

my name is laura, i'm from hastings, nebraska, and i am a landscape architecture student at the university of nebraska-lincoln. i grew up an hour and a half away from lincoln, so seeing lincoln was kind of like an iconic city that everybody wanted to go to, all the shops and all of the restaurants were here and husker game day was here and the goal was to get to lincoln.

my dad came to unl, my sister came to unl, and when she came, i knew we had a legacy of the people who came here, and i knew that that's something i wanted to be a part of. my family has always been connected to the outdoors in some way, so growing up, i was always outdoors playing or i went to the farm with my dad and so coming into a major that's based on the outdoors,

i knew from experience that i liked being there and what i was creating would be something that people would enjoy being in. when i came into the major, i definitely didn't think i was creative at all. and i was like, what am i doing? i can't do this. and then i kept going, and you keep going and you realize

that they're teaching you how to be creative and it's helping you with ideas and designing and when you get to the end, you realize that you might actually know what you're doing. when i'm not doing homework, i'm usually in the stadium with color guard spinning my flag and practicing, or on game days, so i'm here a lot. people are starting to recognize,

"oh, hey, you're from the university of nebraska-lincoln. that's a good program." having that name, it's something that we are building as we go through the program. at the end of the day, i know that when i come out of this university, and when i go into the real world, i'll have the skills and abilities needed to actually make a difference.

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