office interior design bangkok

office interior design bangkok

a growing number of people are opting to shareproducts... like automobiles or houses<... instead of actually purchasing them.and that concept is stretching out to even include working ji-yeon introduces us to some of them. gone are the days of traditional office instead< wide tables with open seats... and even a stage for performances are becomingthe norm. this is an office space provided by a startupcompany called ″idea factory″ located in seoul′s bustling gangnam′s one of the growing number of companies that aims to lend an ideal working space forstartups. choi yoon-jung< a contents developer foran education agency< who′s been using

the co-working space for more than ninemonths now<... says the place has a unique working culture of its own. ″one of the best things about this placeis that there are a lot of content developers who work here< from a variety of fields.having the opportunity to mingle with them freely helps when trying to come up with anidea or quickly finding someone to get a job done.″and for those who want a more secluded space< there is an alternative co-working spacecalled ″rope″ that recently opened up in downtown seoul. ″and if your business requires frequentmeetings with clients but is unable to afford

the costs of a prime office<… co-shareoffices like this have popped up in recent years that can help make a very good firstimpression.″ ″maximizing our ten years of experienceas an interior company we wanted to create a space that′s easy on the eyes. our targetcustomers are freelancers including designers< musicians and those in the it business thatneeds a decent place to meet face-to-face with their clients.″these co-working spaces aim to cater to the different needs of freelancers and startupsand their varying tastes. private rooms at ″rope″ that can accommodateup to two people costs a thousand u.s. dollars a month... while using a communal space at″idea factory″ starts at seven dollars

a ji-yeon< arirang news.

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