office interior design and furniture

office interior design and furniture

with the advent of the internet, the ideaof a workspace has transformed into something much more than a sterile desk in a gray cubicleor even a plank of mahogany in a corner office. so many jobs now encourage employees to workfrom home, and even more artists and designers are inspired to work from beautiful spacesthey create themselves. in this video, we'll explore 20 gorgeous andinspirational workspaces where anyone would be lucky to spend a day. if you live in the right climate, fresh airand sunlight can be just the creative boost you need in your workspace. this beautiful wood and concrete bunker providesa hidden but open work area for multiple designers,

artists, and creative thinkers. in a more traditional take on an office (meaning,it actually has a ceiling), we find this industrial-inspired space with plenty of dark colors and sleeklines. no distractions to be found. this sleek drafting table gives its artistowner plenty of space to spread out while a white brick wall can reflect light as wellas ideas. for a cozier, craftier office that would fitnicely into someone’s home, we have this white washed room with sparks of playful yellow. suspended shelving above the desk let theowner display personal effects, and create

a warm and personal atmosphere. a design team that works side by side needsspace and boundaries. this two person desk with matching eames chairsmight not fit the bill for everyone but its simplicity is divine. with space to spread out and a desk to focus,this sleek and organized office is the perfect space for the fashion forward. the hanging terrarium bulbs are a particularlycreative touch. what’s more inspiring than a cabin-inspirednook of your own? the wood paneling behind this wall is theultimate in rustic and there’s not a computer

to be seen. even little details like the trash basketstand out. sometimes a home office needs to find spacewhere it can. here, a cozy and clean workspace is nestledneatly between a television and closet. the ombre spectrum used in this minimalistworkspace is entirely relaxing. from cream to gray to black to time to getto work. some artists may find it distracting to facea window, but here the sunlight actually provides another work surface for post its, which isnothing if not creative. the playful textures in this cheeky home office,from a fuzzy rug to a plastic molded desk

chair are both practical and playful. this office is organized. period. a few carefully chosen splashes of color giveit a bit of personality, but it still screams “time for work.” it is a successful executive who finds herselfwith this kind of view. whether it’s a crafting area for mom ora study space for daughter, this cozy little office nook has the bare essentials plus bitof pretty pink. the creative storage nooks is this desk areovershadowed but its spectacular placement.

it’s the top of urban office design – thoughthe direct sun might get to be a bit much in the summer. perched on an upper level of a secluded cabin,this spacious workplace is something thoreau might have longed for. simple, rustic, and clean. the hanging storage units on either side ofthis simple desk are both stylish and practical. even the dangling plants serve their own airpurification purposes. of course, a well organized desk is key toa successful workspace design. matching wood desk elements are just one wayto encourage yourself to keep things as organized

as they can be. this desk concept is specifically designedfor those people who use a laptop, desktop, and need space for sketching and storage. its creative design is sleek and practical. finally, a musically-inspired office witha desk that could easily have been home to a beatles contract – if it weren’t forthat macbook perched on top.

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