office interior design ahmedabad

office interior design ahmedabad

so about a year ago we found out that general dynamics was was going to be vacating their downtown office space. and the idea from day one was always to find a building that really satisfied all of our needs. compromising really wasn't an option. the general dynamics office space was old, the ceilings were too low, it just wasn't laid out properly,

it didn't work for what we thought a modern, innovative space should be in 2016. and for that reason, we've really gone to extremes to completely reinvent the space. the whole idea behind a truly collaborative workspace is really to remove all the barriers to innovation. i think it's amazing that our leadership team has included so many of us in this process, as a team we've truly had the opportunity to

design our own future work environment. i believe we're creating one of the best office spaces in the country. we've brought in top consultants, architects and designers who have built and designed solutions for leading international brands. i think we're going to prove a lot of people wrong and do something in the city of london

that's really never been done before. we're going to showcase what's possible in london and give our tech sector something we can really be proud of.

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