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office interior design adelaide

welcome back to another episode of costume cinematographico. in this episode i look at the costumes from the hit series reign. in the comments section i've had many requests for the cw show reign. i haven't actually watched the show as it's not my usual type of show that i watch and it's not that i don't love

cw type shows i actually am a huge fan of both supernatural and the 100. so just in case some of your huge fans of the show, what i'm going to do is i'm just going to look at the aesthetics of the costumes and i'm not actually going to take into consideration any of the character arcs or other influences that might be there. i'm just going to fess

up this video took me a lot longer than i would usually take because i couldn't follow my usual structure which i usually have for pretty much all of my videos and partly it's because this particular shows a little bit different than anything else i've done before. in a way it's kind of a metaphor for the show because the particular designer, she

hasn't followed any one particular structure. i also was a little bit worried that i might offend some of the fans of the show so i just want to say up front that anything i'm going to say in this upcoming video it's totally just my opinion and you can just take it with a grain of salt. i'm not setting out to offend anybody

just so you know. the series reign it's a highly fictionalized american television series and it's very loosely based upon the early life of mary queen of scots whose reign over scotland began which she was just 6 months old [correction: 6 days old]. the series was started by stephenie sengupta and laurie mccarthy they created and developed a series for the cw and that's

an american network that targets young audiences. this show is currently in its fourth and final season. the show stars australian actor adelaide kane as mary queen of scots and english actor tobey regbo who portrays francis ii of france. here's a sketch of a very young mary queen of scots at the age of 12 or 13 and a young francis a

second and both are by french renaissance painter franã§ois clouet. in reality, mary and francis grew up together as children in france and they had both of them had a great affection for one another. both actors are in their early 20s at the time of the shooting but were aged up in their roles as mary and francis [from children] and that's a common practice

that we see in hollywood and including in game of thrones. in reality the real mary and francis ii were ages 16 and 15 respectfully upon the crowning of francis as seen on the right in this royal portrait of the teens in 1559. you can see the modest dress and hair fashions of the time worn by mary queen of scots on the left is a

royal portrait of mary at age 16 by francoise silhouette and on the right is an early 17th century painting by an unknown artist from the blair's museum. this series rain is actually shot in my hometown of toronto canada and we're sometimes known as hollywood north and you'll find a lot of shows are actually shot here partly because we have such a

low canadian dollar compared to the us greenback. as well our ought they use a lot of our local crews and talents and i've mentioned before other shows like pacific rim, suicide squad and the expanse have also been shot in my hometown. this series rain is a largely anachronistic show it's kind of a contemporary historical hybrid. many of

the main characters costumes or clothing was actually purchased from just everyday stores and while the renaissance costumes come from many of the costume houses throughout north america and europe we find that a lot of the background players and the male characters are dressed from these historical recreations.

the custom garments are made by a workshop team of about 24 in the city of toronto with ten additional dailies helping with sewing and breakdown. at the time like in first the first season, i don't know exactly what the percentage of costumes that were made it was pretty low towards season 4 though i would say probably the majority of the

costumes were custom made. some people have compared reign to the showtime series the tudors which is sort of a sexy historical type romance but it does and even though it's anachronistic it does have some of the story anchored more or less in history while still taking many artistic liberties. reign however is more of a harlequin

historical romantic type romance that doesn't really have much resemblance to real life history. the series has quite a small budget so compared to something like hbo's westworld and game of thrones which have huge budgets last season; game of thrones for instance had a 10 million per episode budget. something like the cw

supernatural has a budget at a fifth the size at only 2 to 2.2 million per episode so i'm assuming that reign has something similar. each of their episodes is 42 minutes each season like the season 1 and 2 had to produce 22 episodes so that's like an enormous amount of episodes and they shoot each episode eight days at a time so it

doesn't really leave a lot of time for thoughtful concepts and design. really they just have to get clothes on bodies and and make it work. the cw they know their audience so they approach this young costume designer named meredith markworth- pollak she had actually worked on the series hart of dixie and gossip girl and so she

knows young girls, she knows what the kinds of fashions that they like and so she brought in sort of this contemporary youthful sort of look to the show that would attract young audiences and young viewers. markworth- =pollock stated in an interview, "from the beginning the creators, the director and the studio said they wanted

to incorporate a contemporary feel in the costumes. the vision was there even before i signed on i just helped execute it." she goes on to say, "they didn't want the men in pumpkin shorts because it's not sexy so we decided to give all the men custom leather pants. we made probably close to a thousand pairs." so to just show you what pumpkin

pants are in these two images you'll see francis ii and lord darnley in these two 19th century paintings by british painter richard burchett. both men are wearing pumpkin pants the proper term is trunk hose with their doublets or jackets so you can see what she's saying here about them not being that attractive. markworth-pollock says,

"for the women it's finding that fine line of gown. i want a gown that kept some kind of elizabethan element whether it was a nipped waist and an extreme silhouette or if it had a bit of a medieval feel. a lot of it was about keeping the textures in the palette. i found a lot of off-the-rack pieces that felt bohemian and relaxed or super

structured." markworth-pollock said, "women would put hip bumps or hip rolls over their petticoat and then put their skirt on and then they're overskirt on to exaggerate the hips and make the waist look smaller." these tudor underpinnings like the bum roll and spanish farthingale, a conical hip skirt they supported the over skirts

and created the bell shape. catherine of aragon, the first wife of henry the viii, introduced the spanish farthingale to the english royal court around 1501. the french court actually introduced the wheel farthingale which was a little bit more of an extreme silhouette in these two pictures here you're going to see a

reproduction of a wheel farthingale and a corset or stays as it sometimes called and this is a reproduction by costume technician danielle jordan. the farthingale, which is that rigid structure there is actually supported by the bum roll. and henry viii's youngest daughter queen elizabeth i,

she popularized that look and actually took it to extreme measures. so just for fun i found this amazing reproduction of an elizabethan gown that's completely made of paper so i wanted to show it to you it's done by belgian artist isabelle de borchgrave and it's made completely of paper and she's actually hand

rendered or hand painted all these beautiful details on the skirt on the right. when markworth-pollack describes the type of show that reign is she says, "it's almost like fantasy instead of historical because you're coming up with a whole new look and it needs to be believable and something different for the viewers." i'm sharing with you here an

image the costume designers mood board and from this picture she actually took a lot of inspiration. markworth- pollock, she attempted to costume the show in a little bit of a guerilla style technique. she started by combing some of the larger costume houses even before production began. she went to angels in

london, tirelli in italy and the stratford festival costume warehouse in canada. if you're not familiar with stratford it's actually one of the largest shakespeare festival's in north america ontario draws a lot of people from the united states and all over the world for it and what happens is they have this large surplus of costumes that

they store in an enormous warehouse and then they rent out to theatre companies and film companies. markworth-pollack says when you start a show, "you're using rentals mostly, we were renting from europe, from the studios in los angeles, using a ton of vintage and off-the-rack and really only building for our principal characters." markworth-pollack

shopped ready-to-wear online from her office in toronto saying, "we shop quite a bit of vintage here in toronto but i'm also constantly scouring the web net-a-porter, the outnet, and bhldn are my go-tos." it's obvious that many of the designer gowns are stunning and it's understandable that young people would

love the costume especially because the young cast is so gorgeous and honestly you can put them in a potato sack and they would still look good. and yet reign has received quite a bit of criticism in terms of the design and the fact that it isn't well not just even the design but the show itself is not historical and yet markworth-pollack, she knows her

audience, she knows that it's attracting young viewers, young female viewers. i've said this before i don't think a design necessarily needs to be historically accurate to be good design given that though, margaret-pollock in this case i would suggest is probably more of a stylist than a designer what she's doing is she's going around

collecting an array of contemporary outfits now she might get them on consignment or in exchange for a credit sometimes they would buy them oh right and then she's sort of assembling everything all together as well she might even get approached by certain designers who want their clothes featured on the show. i know that she had

access to some of the jewelry designers, the crowns, shoe designers and the like who wanted their items to be featured and that's what she did for them. what she then does is she takes all of these elements, she takes the dresses the shoes the handbags the jewelry and so on and she puts it all together and she attempts to create a cohesive look. okay

so before we go on criticizing this show i think we should all remember that it wasn't so long ago when historical accuracy wasn't even a thing in television especially with costumes, so to my knowledge i'm kind of going back a little bit of a ways, the very first historically accurate costume depiction was in the bbc's 1971 six-part

miniseries elizabeth r that starred glenda jackson as elizabeth i, the costume designer was elizabeth waller who won an emmy for her work on the show and she recreated many of the historical elizabeth for gowns for glenda jackson by adapting them from a number of the queen's famous official portraits. the entire bbc

wardrobe, and that's about a million items were purchased in 2008 by angels & bermans in london who now rent out the costumes to shows like the tudors and reign. to give you an idea about the historical accuracy, here's one example of a costume reproduction based upon the phoenix oil on panel portrait of elizabeth i by nicholas hilliard,

that's on the left and then the reproduction of the costume from the bbc drama elizabeth r is on the right. in this close-up you can see that the wardrobe team recreated every last little detail. i'm heading into some murky territory here but i just want to mention that i feel that the producers have dumbed down the show for the

audience. despite the fact that the audience is young and are female, many might be in high school, i think that that is actually unfortunate because i think they're not giving the audience enough credit. there's two youtubers named kate and britt who did a recent costume commentary about reign and they basically said that and sadly they had

some haters which is unfortunate and because they were just sort of giving their opinion like i am. but what they've said is that they thought that the producers should have given their audience more credit and in that they didn't feel that they did. so these girls they unlike me happen to be the target age of the show, they, actually one of the

girls watches the show and she did think some of the costumes were pretty and everything but she thought that they could have done a better job of that. i found something similar to this along a little while back with the cw's the 100 which i first started watching it was a little unsure about it. i loved the premise because i love

science fiction but i just found that they were doing a lot of love triangles with the teens and meanwhile there are all these really serious issues going on and it just it seemed it didn't at least seem to make sense to me that they would be doing these love triangles considering that the stakes were so high. but then i noticed in season two

that they did actually change which i thought was amazing and they got rid of a lot of the fluffier storylines. then they went really more with the and anchored it more with these more serious storylines. unfortunately it doesn't look like reign has done that because they're in their final season but anyway just putting that out there.

so i don't want to be completely unfair to the young fans who clearly adore this series it's just that rain in my opinion in my humble opinion falls short in many aspects of design. i'm not going to blame meredith markworth-pollack completely because obviously it's not completely her fault she was hired to do

a job and she's doing. it's really the producers who are ultimately responsible for the look and feel of the show. part of what it is in my opinion is that each principal cast member wears something like three outfits per episode this is what markworth-pollock has stated so if you look at the entire four season stuff like 234 outfits per

character for those 4 years, i mean, that's ridiculous. that's way too many costumes. like in game of thrones, which you know only runs like ten episodes a season, the characters might have two or three outfits and i realize that you know the quality of the costumes are way up there. they could have really have knocked it down, recycled some of the

costumes a little bit more rather than just mass producing. that's what it sort of feels like; it's mass-produced. one of the suggestions i would have had in terms of tackling in this design first off is i would have just cut the number of outfits and worked more on the design. what i think might have happened here is if we had been given a more

experienced costume designer, who knows the limitations of the job, like you know not suffering burnout and having your team burnt out, would it be able to you know, tell the producers this is really more what i think would be a better thing to do and also it would have pulled the whole show together in terms of the look made them more

cohesive. there's three examples i wanted to give you here contemporized historical stories for younger audiences that i think did a much better job of this. for instance, sophia coppola marie antoinette that started kirsten dunst baz luhrmann's romeo and juliet, which is actually sort of a very a

modernized version but it still has some elements of of the tudor period and brian helgeland's a knight's tale which is extremely anachronistic but it's very well done it's a very well-done version. let me explain why i think those other three movies do a better job of it. costume design has to be

anchored in something: it can either be through a silhouette, which is essentially the outline of a costume form from a specific period of history, it can be done through a palette of color, through textures or through patterns and other ways. so i'm going to give you some good uses of design here and then again this is my

opinion. the first one is jean paul gautier did this fabulous and he's a haute couture designer in case you don't know, he uses color in in a way in the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover. that really sort of sets the tone for the for the movie. i mean clearly [he's] working closely with the production designer, as is cecil beaton

who is also a costume designer for my fair lady who did this fantastic black and white ascot tableau scene for that famous movie. it's actually it's been recreated over and over again because it's so amazing. and then finally wes anderson's [the] grand budapest hotel so that last one again, i mean the production designer and the

costume designer have clearly worked together. i mean i can imagine that's sort of being in wes anderson's head you know these individuals in an elevator. he's got this dark contrast between the red of the elevator and the purple of the costumes with punches of red just in the piping and along the ribbing on the pants. it's just it's just an excellent

use of color. here's an example of how a costume designer uses a repeat of silhouettes especially in groups of three from this ball scene in carlo carlei’s 2013 film production of romeo and juliet. it's got a really young hot cast you know they even though it's it's sort of in the traditional tudor renaissance sort of feeling the heat has

added a bit of a magical quality to it. they used a lot of swarovski crystals and they did these really sort of almost avant-garde style masks, venetian masks. they're not they're less traditional looking than you would typically see and the other thing that he does is he uses a lot of repetition as well. as soon as the palette is sort of in a pastel so

it's all sort of very much anchored even though it's got that contemporary bit of feel to it. here's an example actually from reign that i is a good example of the design. it's got the three girls, the three handmaids who are all dressed in slightly different outfits but the color is the same. they've got this beautiful sort of dove gray color that really

works well. just a suggestion to have a more effective design here are some recommendations that i would make. i'm going to go over so what i would have suggested for reign that they could have done is they could have had every character dress in a contemporary fashion, like just completely modernized the whole thing. they've done this a lot

with romeo juliet. it's been done over and over again even if you go to stratford, stratford festival to see a shakespearean play, oftentimes they are modernized and it works really well if it's done correctly. the other thing is, they could have dressed everyone historically but just had a few modern touches and this is sort of what they

did in the tudors. i mean, they tried to stay mostly historical but then they'd have these little odd anachronistic touches to it. the next thing they could have done is dress the characters anachronistically but kept it to only one period. let's say they would have set it in the 40s, everyone would have been dressed

in the 40s kind of like how blade runner is done. this image here actually i think is a really good example of sticking to one period. the designer [marworth-pollack] uses soft palates and repeated textures. you can see in the cloak in the brocade that that she's got those repeated textures. the silhouettes are very very similar and the palette is very similar and it's

interesting but this is such a good example because it actually comes from the [reign] episode clans for which markworth- pollack won a canadian screen actors sorry, [canadian] screen award for best costume. i'm sort of making a collage here of all of the different looks from the show and this is sort of what drives me a little bit batty. really, the designer

she's drawing from about 600 years of history. here we've got tudor, elizabethan rococo, regency, victorian, late victorian, romanesque, some turn-of-the-century a little bit of 50s, 70s, and 80s and it's really what i would call a fustercluck! that's not a swear word it's a word my husband uses. at any rate, one blogger even mentioned that she's [markworth-pollack] even kind of

incorporated steampunk. i've even noticed there's a little bit of medieval fantasy - it feels a bit like katniss everdeen our arwen from lord of the rings sort of type of mashup. this is an example of not the best execution of design in my humble opinion. because markworth-pollack got to season 3 and now season 4 she has been able to develop

more of a costume inventory which has created more flexibility for the show. i know that michelle clapton mentioned the same thing on game of thrones that as she built her first stock it was much easier to do the job. this is why i think i've noticed a pretty good change in the show as it's gone along. the only risk that happens

here is generally speaking when you first start a show, especially the pilot, that sort of sets the tone for the show. you're going to have a little bit of a risk when you try to change the look of the show partway through. the next thing i want to mention is that some of the construction, like in some of the custom made gowns there, it's not

always the best [construction]. i mean tv used to be at one point forgiving but now with hi-def and it's not so forgiving anymore. really, like a lot of these shows, are on people's big screens so you can see every little thing. two examples of this where i'd like to see better is for instance the patterns aren't matched up, that's just a really

nice design detail and a sign of good quality in construction. also, the use of modern fasteners is usually a really big giveaway for the quality of a garment like using zippers instead of hooks and eyes and lacing as well. when they machine hems or machine trims that tends to lower the look of the quality, it tends to look more like

medieval fare than medieval drama. i mean really, it comes down to issues with the budget, issues with the amount of time they have to execute the design that can be blamed for the reason why they're doing so many shortcuts. incorporating these contemporary looks into a production is a very difficult thing because, i've worked as a

stylist. i mean you're working with someone else's artwork. essentially a stylist is not an artist. a stylist is more of a craft person. you're finding clothes that fit people, you're trying to match jewelry and accessories and shoes hosiery, that type of thing, to work with the look and you're attempting to blend them into with other character, so it's

not the easiest thing to do especially when you're you're working in an apparent historical situation. i would argue that using an alexander mcqueen gown, it's probably going to not be the easiest thing to be doing because it's honestly, it's going to stick out like a sore thumb against a background of players who were all dressed up in renaissance

costum. that's a difficult thing and but at the same time i know the show was doing this because they're hoping that their viewers will be going, hey i really want to own that gown or hey i want to really own those earrings. that's one of the things that made sex in the city so tantalizing to many of its fans and i think that's one of the

big draws for reign for a lot of its young fans. besides my sort of largely general thoughts about the show in the design i can't obviously go into every little detail and so on about it because it's so enormous. i have just a few little things that i wanted to point out as viewers. one of the things i thought actually, they were quite well

done, where the men's costumes, some of them are period, obviously, but i thought they were quite good and the young men looked really good in them. the only thing that i had a bit of an issue was is francis's armor from season i the episode higher ground and you know honestly, armor is like a really really difficult thing. on game of thrones,

all of the armor is custom-made. michelle clapton designs it, she's got several armorer's, she's got several people making weapons and swords and so on. actually it's props. people are doing that and i've, you know, showcased on some of my videos. it's really difficult to to rent some armor and expect it to look decent so i don't even

know what the answer for this would be. in this case like francis and his group are not even wearing all the armor pieces. they've got like a cuirass like they're wearing the the chainmail shirt and then he's wearing a cuirass over top of it, the pauldron, which is sort of the shoulder guards and some of them have helmets but they're missing

all the rest of the pieces. just to give you an example, i'm going to show you what the real-life francis's actual armor looks like. this is what this is, what actually, this is what francis's armor actually look like. it's a circa like 1555 to 1560. it's got all the pieces there. this is only partial, like it doesn't even have the leg parts.

you can see how elaborate it is. it was pretty small obviously because he was kind of a small guy. it's almost impossible for them to even attempted to achieve this look. i'm not even sure what the answer was there. that was just a bit of a pet peeve of mine. i pretty much adore almost everything that elizabeth i

wears in the show. i just you know i think it's fantastic. this is one though, i'm not crazy about and i'll explain why. rachel skarten who plays elizabeth i, she's beautiful. she's actually naturally a blonde and not a redhead and she's got quite fair skin. i just feel that compared to most of her other costumes this costume is

really, really too pale for her and if it's just sort of a general guideline for redheads that we don't look good, i'm a redhead, we don't look good in these very, very soft washed out colors. it tends to make us [redheads] look washed out. the other thing is the silhouette, so what's going on here is elizabeth i in real life actually was very

small busted and had a very tiny waist like rachel does and she's also actually, rachel's actually got quite a long torso. i think what it's doing is to sort of pancaking her and also it's giving her a bit of a like cylindrical look like almost a bit like a tube, so what i would have suggested is maybe they could have put in some some bust cups would have

helped a little bit and also maybe added some fuller gathers into the hips just to give a little bit more of silhouette to the skirt. sorry guys! if you love this costume, i'm just going to apologize but i really, i'm really not a fan of this one. it feels like a little bit disney princess, like a dress-up style costume and it just has a lot going on.

you've got the silver and the appliques and you've got the sort of the slash sleeves and the several tiers of the skirt and it just it looks too costumey to me, which i know is a strange thing to say but just costumee as in like costume ball or costume fair, costume party. it would have been perfect for that but for a tv show it just

doesn't, looks wrong and it just feels really at a step i think for 16th century french court. season 4, i just think looked amazing, like they really had brought the look together finally, found sort of like their voice, if that's possible thing to say for a look for the show. i noticed that they kind of abandoned a

lot of the more contemporary costumes, clothing from the designers, so i'm not sure where the decision went into that, but i'm really happy that they did choose to do that. this is a really great example here, just this picture but i'm going to go over some of my very personally my personal favorites, okay that i adored. this queen mary gown from

season 4 episode 6 is one of my favorites. for her, it's very regal in this blue, green and gold brocade with the lovely gold embellishments on the collar and the cuffs. it's got a sack back gown feature otherwise known as a robe ã  la franã§aise which is sort of an 18th century french style of gown. while it's a little bit early here for

that half didn't come into fashion it still feels very anchored in the renaissance period. i really like this sweet storybook stall for mary in the season 3 episode the hound of the hare. what's really, really lovely about it, it's got this cute embroidered detail in the center front bodice panel that's trimmed with beaded cartridge pleating.

i particularly love the gold lattice mesh sleeve inserts in the crisscross pattern it really reminds me of tudor windows. if you know what those are, they've got these sort of panels that have sort of inlay cross hatches in them and the only thing that i might suggest is that because it's black, which feels kind of old for mary, i know it's her

signature color i think it would have been much nicer, like say a forest green or something of that color, maybe even a deep purple. i love this look for mary unfortunately i couldn't find a good picture of it. i found this one on pinterest but it's so great i had to show it. the bodice, it's really richly a richly textured brocade

and the sleeves are constructed from a really unique style of fabric, i couldn't quite tell what it is, almost like it's crushed or something. it appears to have fur cuffs, it might be a muff i'm not sure. the neckline it's actually what's called a partlet collar although in this case is a mock-neck. it creates that sort of triangle opening

there. it's very elizabethan looking with a lovely tapered waist sort of rigid tapered waist and the full gathers at the side. i even love the cloak with it. it's just, you know, i love it. it's not too matchy-matchy. here's another really awesome look for mary. it's this purple and gold brocade gown that's been used. it was used in 3

episodes in 3 three which is awesome because this gown is by far one of her finest. i love the the lines that give it that renaissance feel without actually being renaissance. it's got this really nice contrasting black with gold printed silk yoke collar that looks again like a partlet but it's actually part of the dress and they

piped the princess seams which is a nice little detail. it's got the pleating in the skirt at the waist that create that bell silhouette, that's sort of that farthingale shape. my only complaint is it's a little bit tight across the bust or the chest which i mean sometimes from fitting to the final wear it, you know, things change so that

could be what it is. here is a custom empire waist gown that mary wore in season 3 and it's a little bit more contemporary than renaissance but not to the extent that i find it distracting. it's a beautiful pea-green silk and gold lace fabric which are both gorgeous and what's of course the best feature of the whole thing are these beautiful

appliques on the bodice and cuffs that are made from a fabric and embroidered and beaded illusion fabric from b&j fabric in new york. i know if you're a fan of the show you would have definitely seen this season 4 episode pulling strings where mary gets married for the second time. she wears this custom gold lace dress

and veil, the fabrics were supplied by fabriluxe and the gorgeous embellishments on the bodice were hand embroidered by lori lemelin of abrash embroidery and that's a toronto-based wearable art company. this gown it sort of stands in stark contrast to her former contemporary wedding gown which was actually purchased off the rack from

a wedding supplier and that one, i mean honestly, it was like something like that of the 1950's it looked like i should have been worried by jackie onassis, jack kennedy, sorry and the costumes in this episode really show how much the costume designer has grown through the seasons, through the four seasons. here is a close-up detail of the beading by

abrash embroidery. this is probably my favorite costume for the entire show i just adore it. it's from the season 4 episode sorry it's from [correction] season 3 episode 18 [spiders in a jar] and it's worn by the character catherine de' medici. the gown is made from a beautifully embroidered black silk fabric with a contrasting red silk

under skirt. i find that the neckline is especially flattering on meghan follows, who if you don't know that she's canada's sweetheart, she's like anna green gables for gosh sakes! she looks exquisite here and i'm also glad that they forego the necklace forgot or gone the necklace because it just looks so beautiful and clean having

it open like that and really letting the dress just be the main attraction. here is a lovely elizabethan costume worn by queen catherine in the season 3 episode safe passage and spiders in a jar. the fabriluxe supplied fabric is this gorgeous greeny grey and bronze brocade it the gown is cut typically elizabethan with the fitted sleeves and false hanging

sleeves. they would have been attached with laces at the armhole of the bodice and the shoulder wings which is an embellishment here were added to hide the lacing and to give the shoulders additional width. i did prefer the underskirt worn in safe passage. unfortunately i don't have a picture of

it compared to this one which looks like it's it's got tucking with pin tucking. the other issue i had also is that the pattern isn't matched in the back. i did mention that earlier and as well i said that that is sometimes the shortcut that's taken to save on time. here is a jacket that we see in the season 4 episodes 1 & 2 worn by

elizabeth i and it's a custom embellished silk brocade coat made by susan dixon company a toronto-based costume business. the fabric and appliques were sourced by fabriluxe and i have to say this costume is pretty much perfection. the fabric and term choices are gorgeous and the execution of the design is flawless

so like seriously compared to some of the stuff we've seen in earlier seasons like it's there's no comparison there's a lot of attention to detail for instance the pattern is matched up at the princess seams look which is a really difficult thing to do so that's something that the cutter would have done and they put piping into the seams

which is a lovely design detail detail here's another exquisite example for elizabeth first and sadly i can't find another picture of it i tried hard seriously i did so this is the best i could come up with but there's a good close-up event of the bodice and a little bit of the skirt and it's made from a most rotate fabric and the

appliques were both supplied by fab or luxe again you can see again the construction is very well executed and the pattern again is matched nicely the collar is piped and the appliques are hand sewn and the bodice is closed at the center front with bars and tacks yay no zippers so unlike that soft green gown that we saw earlier sort of that

seafoam green gown this is a much better color for elizabeth it's this gorgeous green embroidered silk shantung gown and it has a contrasting pea green under skirt and it's a great color for redheads so shouldn't put redheads and pastels they just don't work as well okay so she's wearing a part light at the neck and

if i didn't mention this earlier it's a 16th century covering of the neck and shoulders it's sometimes used to fill in a low neckline and for upper-class ladies like royalty it would be oftentimes made of lawn and attached to the undergarments before the gown was put on she also has these little shoulder rolls at the shoulder seams

which was a decoration to create height and elizabeth's are all very sweet and dainty and decorated but oftentimes they would have been like really overstuffed in exaggerated proportions here's another fantastic floral embroidered silk gown i'm not sure which color is correct like the one on the left is sort of more more orange ease

and pete green's was one of the right looks more red so possibly the one on the right is outdoors and the one on the left is interior so it's kind of hard to tell one on the right is probably more accurate though and a great again a great silhouette she's got the shoulder rolls again nice fitted tapered waist corseted bodice a little bit of gathers

at the side and back that gives it fullness really nice detail with the brace sort of the belt which just kind of gives that nice little detail at the front almost like a cross and i think it's just a really flattering silhouette to the actor elizabeth where is this really amazing sort of outfit in the season 3 episode sorry in season 3

episode 9 and you know honestly green is always a great color for redheads the over robe i don't think is actually was built it looks like it's vintage it looks something like a 1950's coat by spanish couturier christabel valencia balenciaga which i've actually provided you a sample and he termed he coined the term oversized sleeves melon sleeves so

that's what these big puffy sleeves would have been called but you know honestly i don't mind that it's not period i think it kind of works she sort of the designer has sort of anchored it a bit with the belt and the jewelry and it just comes together really you know really nicely in season 4 episode 4 elizabeth where is

this sort of manly style gherkin it's like a lady's gherkin which is a sleeveless vest of sorts again i can't i can't find any other photos of this i just the only one i could come up with what i really love it it i love the way that they use d the trim is for texture create texture and it looks so good in this outdoor setting

it's sort of a slightly sporty setting so i think it works really really well for her this gown is so simple but like seriously it's just stunning it's simple it's an office shoulder style gold brocade it's got sort of a slightly fitted upper sleeve but then it sort of goes into these beautiful bell sleeves you can see a little bit that the

outline of her corset underneath which is giving her that really rigid sort of structure and also keeping those those seems really nice and flat and in place and this looks like something seriously i don't know what you guys think but it looks like something cersei lannister could have worn in a couple of the earlier seasons of game of thrones hey

let me know what you think this is such a fantastic gown you might have seen it in some of the posters actually the one on the right is from one of the posters i think it's totally elizabethan looking it mean they've used a contemporary fabric but that's okay it looks it looks stunning i mean she's definitely got the silhouette down the bodice is very rigid

the corset that corset underneath is definitely emphasizing her decolletage as you can see on the left and it's got these really great full gathers you know that they've used instead of a cartridge pleading to create that width and i love of course that beautiful soft f crew lace rough at the neck it's just as a lovely little detail

so i didn't go over a lot of the modern things and and one of the reasons why i found this fantastic tumblr account by a girl named fatima she has this tumblr account called fashions of rain and on there she does this complete breakdown of all of the vices she does it by season she does it by character and she does it by designer so you can go there

and look at every characters look for the most part as much as she's been able to do in some cases she even tells you where to find them one online place that the designer purchased them from even jewelry and accessories so she said it for all four seasons so i'm going to leave a link in the description below for that so you can check her up so

anyways guys i'd love to hear your thoughts on these costumes and you know do you have a favorite caution that you want to tell me about do you have a caution that you hated maybe you didn't agree with my assessment that's cool yeah okay it's just my opinion but i hope in some way you might have learned something today that you can share with

your friends so i always welcome your comments so if you want to please leave one below in the comment section and please as always just keep in mind that it takes a great deal of time for me to put these videos together so i really appreciate it if you would like and share my video so thanks again so much for watching

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