office interior design abu dhabi

office interior design abu dhabi

guys, if you're watching us now, move yourcameras up or move your fingers up. this high ceiling is very impressive. how many floors can you see up. so we're on level 3 right now, you can look6 floors up to level 8. level 8 and they can look down here and seewhat's happening down here on level 3. and then you have those coloured windows,which represents, google? well it actually gives visitors to our officea sneak preview of our meeting rooms and how googlers, that's how we call ourselves asemployees. how googlers actually work in various meetingrooms.

well this is actually really near our baristabar. there's a lot of furniture around here andthis gives people the opportunity to connect with their colleagues over a cup of coffeeor just do their individual work. it's also one of my favourite spots becauseit's so near the coffee bar. i love this room! it's really great for brainstorming and collaboration. it's like a childhood playground. if you're looking for, you know, working latenights and you're stressed and you just need that chocolate, potato chips or whatever they'reall hidden right here.

down in the drawer. okay this one still looks healthy so i'llkeep that. but waffles, chocolate, nuts, still healthy. this is the best part get instant noodlesfor those late nights. this is such a romantic canopy. yes it's really conducive for walking meetings. like what these guys are doing out here. i assume they're walking and meeting. this room is designed for meditation or prayer.

so we're very mindful that googlers need aspace for them to meditate or for them to do their prayers so this is really a spacefor them.

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