office interior decorating ideas pictures

office interior decorating ideas pictures

- just because you're a smaller church, doesn't mean you can't havea brilliant stage design. and in this video, i'mgoing to share with you three small church stage design ideas. (upbeat music) well hey there i'm bradyfrom and this is the channelthat helps your church learn creative skills and feel like a pro. we publish new videos every single week

so make sure you hit thesubscribe button below, and if you like this video, make sure you hit the like button as well. the average church innorth america is just around 200 people. so before we get into stage design and how to create great lookingstages on a small budget, i just want to make very clear that if you're a smaller church,

you're not abnormal andyou're not in the minority. you are the majority! so really, using the word small church or smaller church is not really even fair, because you are the norm. and the reason i say thisis because when it comes to stage design, oftenwe get our inspiration from the big churches. and when we get our inspirationonly from big churches,

it usually means that we'realso getting our inspiration from the big budgets. at the very least, budgetsthat our bigger than ours. so let's dial that backfor a moment and talk about three ways tocreate great stage designs on a small budget. first things first, it'simportant to be clear about this one main thing,the most important part of your stage design is your lighting.

stage design is 75% lightingand as my friends over at the creative pastor have said. wood pallet walls like the onebehind me, they're gonna come and go, but the lights thatyou have on stage can be with you for decades and sowhen it comes to your stage budget, whatever amount that may be, prioritize the purchase oflights over everything else. and that's my first suggestion for you as church trying to designa great looking stage

forget the trendy stageitems, just use lighting. and to bring this example to life, take a look at this shot from my church. here we have shimmering ledstrips in the background, and it's kind of hard to see, not only are there ledstrips on stage here, but there's also a rainwall if you can believe it, and yet, despite those two crazy elements, the most dramatic partof this stage design

is the twin streams of light that are backlighting our worship leader and creating a dramatic silhouette. two simple backlightsoutshining led strips and a freaking rain wall. simple is good. of course, if you want tomove past stage designs that are only lighting, let's talk about two wildlyinexpensive materials

that you can use to create amazing and immersive experiences. firstly, coroplast is still the king of budget stage designs. i did an entire podcast, it's linked below with jonathan malm, he's the creator of the popular sitechurch stage design ideas and the number one materialthat he recommends churches use is coroplast.

it's inexpensive, it'sflexible, it's adaptable, you can shape it, you can light it, and it won't simplycreate just a single look. i did another podcast with a pastor of a church plant called creating beautiful stage designs on a church planter's budget and this church's stage design was done almost entirely in coroplast.

if you want to hearmore from that podcast, it's linked below also. finally, the third andfinal stage design idea on a budget uses pvc pipe. in this video you'll seeour church stage design uses led stripes. but you can create a virtually identical look using inexpensive pvc pipe. much like coroplast,pvc pipe is inexpensive

and a great receiver of light, meaning, you can color it however you want. linked below is an entire post on pvc pipe from my buddy jonathan malm again over at church stage design ideas if you want to get a fuller breakdown of how to use pvc pipe to build a stage design. the most important thing to remember here is that lighting is the mostimportant element by far

when it comes to your stage design. prioritize lighting,and then use adaptable and inexpensive materials like coroplast and pvc pipe to supplement your lighting. if you liked this video, make sure you hit the like button below and definitely subscribe tothe pro church tools channel, we post new videos likethis every week helping your church learn creativeskills and feel like a pro.

and, if you want to takeyour church's website to the next level, make sure you download our free guide called 101 website tools for the modern church. like i said, it's 100% free. and you can click thebutton to download that. question of the day for you is, what's the best stagedesign you've ever seen? leave a comment below.

i'd love to hear from you. thanks for watching andi'll see you next time. a friend of mine named jeffmacintosh runs a company called church motion graphics. you may have heard of them. if not, you should knowthat jeff and his team are undoubtably the leadersin motion backgrounds. the westcott flex light. it's an led panel and it's probably unlike

any other light you've ever seen. here are five reasons whyi love this light so much.

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