office hall interior design

office hall interior design

regardless of the style or influence you choosefor your interior dã©cor, the job is not complete until you also add a few accent pieces anduntil you create a focal point. for that you can adopt all sorts of strategies. usually the spark is not in what you use tomake your dã©cor stand out but the way you use it. it’s the same with the price. even something low cost can become a splendiddecoration if used in an unusual and original way. those being said, let’s now take a lookat a few low cost decorating ideas.

1.hang plates plates are an interesting alternative for framed artwork. they can usually be found in antique shopsand they can be collected over time. to hang them on the wall, use sleek hangersthat adhere to the back of the plates and that are basically invisible. but before you do that, try to find a layoutthat you like by first placing the plates on the ground and trying different options. 2.paint a canvas

making a patterned canvas to display on a wall is quite easy. you can use a cardboard template or, if youprefer something a little more artistic, you can freehand something. let your talent speak for you. the canvas can then be used as an originaldecoration for spaces such as a home office, a dining room, bedroom or any other spacethat you think might benefit from its presence. 3.make your own art and since we were just talking about this,

another great way of adding some spark toyour home’s interior is to create your own art. this way you will make the room feel morepersonal and intimate and you’ll add something that represents you to the dã©cor. it can be anything you want, even some simpledoddles on a piece of paper. crafty but painting and displaying the result on the wall is not the only way in which youcan contribute to the creation of a unique dã©cor for your home.

you can be crafty in many different ways. for example, you can take a piece of wallpaperthat you like and frame it, creating an interesting display for the dining room, office, etc. natural if you also want to add some freshness into your home and to bring a piece of nature inside,you can opt for more natural solutions. for example, you can recycle some wood tomake a simple but charming storage piece for your mudroom or hallway. it would have a rough look and great character.

6.fake headboards not all bedrooms have the space necessary for a headboard. but even if they do, headboards can be quiteexpensive. but with them it’s not only about comfortas it is about style and the effect they create in the room. so you can recreate that effect using othermethods. for example, you can paint a fake headboardsilhouette on the wall. 7.display collections

sometimes a great way to save some money is to use what you already have. so you can spice up your interior dã©cor bydisplaying things you have collected over the years. it can be anything from stamps to old coinsand books. it’s a great way of including somethingpersonal into the dã©cor of a room. 8.choose mirrors if you have a small home it’s not all bad. it cozier than most large spaces and thereare plenty of things you can do to create

the impression of a larger space, such asusing mirrors. mirrors are also inexpensive dã©cor solutionsand their versatility allows them to be used in any room of the house and in almost anyspace. 9.create a family gallery another way of personalizing a space is to use framed photos. for example, you can create a family galleryby displaying pictures of everyone in the family on a wall in the living room. you can also use the same idea for the diningroom or for your office in order to make it

feel more inviting and cozy. 10.framed mirrors we already said this but we want to insist on the fact that mirrors are extremely versatile. they also come in a variety of shapes, stylesand designs and they can be used to create artistic effects, not only to visually enlargea space. a beautiful frame can turn a simple mirrorinto a wonderful display piece. 11.mix patterns patterns in general are a way of creating

focal points in a room. they are usually used for accent pieces butthey can also be mixed and used extensively in a dã©cor. for example, this bedroom features a multitudeof patterns and colors and, even though they’re very different, they interact beautifully. 12.repurpose furniture sometimes you feel the need to change something about a room’s interior dã©cor. you need to add something fresh and new.

but instead of buying new furniture you canrepurpose it and get the same feeling of new and unexpected. don’t be afraid to experiment and to beoriginal. 13.choose bold colors of course, color is a very simple way of making something pop. so if you want to change the atmosphere inyour home and to make it more dynamic and vibrant, choose bold colors. combine them and come up with new ideas, mixdifferent shades and use different patterns

and textures to make them stand out.

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