office cabin interior design pictures

office cabin interior design pictures

let's check out wetransformed the floors. with themodular structure built and the second floor installed it's timeto put down flooring that can withstand a lot of wear andtear. i need something thatlooks good, helps keep noise to a minimum, and that won't needmuch maintenance. sounds like atall order! but i've found acompany that has exactly what i'm looking for!

i invitedover catherine del vecchio from gerflor to discuss myclient's needs. catherinethank you so much for being here today. it's so great to meetyou. can you talk to me a littlebit about gerflor's manufacturing process and howthey've changed overtime? wellthe big change has been the concern about sustainability.

weare lucky enough that gerflor is manufactured in europe and thestandards regarding sustainability in europe hasalways been higher and a head of the curb from the rest of theworld and also we recycle all of our manufacturing waste and theyare put in the backing of our product. so it's a continuousimprovement, a closed process of manufacturing and we are veryproud of it! gerflor is a luxuryvinyl tile manufacturer with

nearly sixty designs and colorsto choose from. their commercialgrade flooring is specifically made for high traffic areas andthe 28 millimeter wear layer means my client won't need toreplace the flooring for a long, long time. ok wow so you'vebrought a lot of products here so walk me through whatyou've brought. ok so our mostpopular products for renovation of office spacesinclude our creation click

system. this is meant for quickclean renovation when you have to keep your operation and youroffice going while workers are there so you can install it overexisting floor. so thisproduct floats over an existing floor which is great becauseit's much more sustainable and you don't have waste in the landfills, you're not spending all of your time picking out tile. the second line that a lot ofoffices go for is the line

called saga two. and this isactually a tile format of lvt with a very thick backing so itprovides some acoustical properties and comfort on thefoot, as well. wow. and is thisalso a vinyl? it's recycledmaterial from our manufacturing plant, but also there is cork init and that provides us with sound elimination properties aswell.

so it's really good foracoustics? yes. so our bestselling product is our creation collection and it's the linethat actually you're going to have the most choices. ok. andthe line, the way that we selected we really tried tocover all of the natural colors of wood.

the whole spectrum! soyou're going to have your natural colors here. you'regoing to have your honeys, the browns and what's trending moreand more the darks - the greys! yes the greys and the darkerbrowns. yep, which is of coursewhere i fall in this color palette. so here you have thetile, but let's just focus on

looking at our woods. yes so ithink i can narrow it down to this section here. talk to meabout the lead time here on the product? oh yes it's allinstalled in the us. oh wellthat makes it easy. so it couldbe here in two weeks? yes, easy.

it ships with in three days fromour facility in chicago. perfect! well yes it'sbeautiful, the texture that you guys have created on theseplanks really does help give it that warmth and the natural lookof wood. and having said that ithink this is the one! the newfloor is exactly what this space needs! an easy to maintain,durable and natural looking

design that will warm up theroom. you've really made a lotof progress so far on the floor here. how's it going? it's goingreally well. it installs easilyand quick. it's a very simpleinstallation. i like it! yea,and not only does it look great.

it sounds great too!

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