new york art deco interior design

new york art deco interior design

the most daring and stylish of travellersthink about accommodation were the normal is thrown out of the window and instead aregiven unique experiences where the surreal and the real marry in an experience that notonly rest our bodies, but also dazzle our minds while they calm our souls. today we show you eleven of the coolest hotelsin the world. 11.- giraffe manor, nairobi, kenyabuilt as a farm in 1932, the giraffe manor in kenya was purchased by betty leslie-melvillein 1974 and turned into a sanctuary for the rothschild giraffe. in 1983 betty’s son rick anderson tunedit into a small hotel in which the giraffes

roam freely and are allowed to peek in thehotel while guests are encouraged to interact with the giraffes. today the hotel boasts 140 acres for the giraffesto roam and during breakfast and dinner the windows are opened for the giraffes to joinyou. you will also find the giraffes quite amicableand more often than not peeking through any open door and window as the most unusual ofpeepers. 10.- art maisons hotel, oia, greece. constructed on the side of the volcano thatis santorini the art maisons combines exclusivity with comfort and style.

the interiors of the hotel are exquisitelydecorated with art of all greek eras while the scenery is breathtaking as you can enjoythe sunset every day from your room and wake up to the sight of the beautiful white houses,a staple of santorini itself. among the most unique offers, the hotel canprovide private carved pools located in the most exclusive honeymoon rooms. 9.- umaid bhawan palace, rajasthan, india. few things can beat a palace when it comesto style. india is one of the greatest destinationsand when it comes to comfort a five star hotel can rarely be beaten.

all those things makes up the umald bhawanpalace in india. finished in 1943 and sporting a deco-indianstyle, the palace is considered a marvel of architecture and since it was build for anindian prince, called a maharaja, it’s lavishly decorated with painting and animal skins. the palace is divided in three parts, onefor the maharaja residence, the other a museum and the third is the hotel. the umald bhawan palace museum boasts an incrediblyamount of 19th and 20th century pictures and artifacts from the maharajas of the region. the rooms of the hotel possess marble decorationscombined with a deco style and exotic animal

pelts hunted back when the practice was stilllegal. the gardens are incredibly lavish and beautifuland every piece of decoration and comfort is designed to make the guest feel like thetrue guest of a maharaja. 8.- fairy chimney hotel, cappadocia, turkey. from architectural marvels to nature at oneof its best, as its name suggests fairy chimney hotel can seem as if it was created by magic. located in the region of cappadocia in turkey,the hotel resides inside an old rock formation known as fairy chimney and is part of thevillage of goreme. the hotel benefits from a breathtaking viewas well as the ancient history that bathes

the region as cappadocia has seen the raiseand fall of both religions and empires. lodging into the hotel will grant you quickaccess to the goreme national park where you can walk through the roads that once saw theglory of the roman empire and the underground tunnels that locals dug to escape from turmoiland invasions in ancient times. 7.- capsulevalue kanda, tokyo, japan. when space is of the essence people can getquite creative. tokyo has one of the highest real-estate pricesin the world and with traffic so bad, people might not be able to make it home at nightto sleep before they have to leave for work again.

to help with those two problems capsule hotelsare available for those who need an affordable and comfortable night of sleep and the capsulevalueis one of the best providers of the concept. located in the kanda district of tokyo, capsulevalueoffers the best with the minimum space possible. every pod is designed with extreme practicalityand low price in mind allowing for a good night of sleep. all necessary objects and meals can be purchasedfrom the incredibly well stocked vending machines. capsulevalue also boast of being extremelywell located with a quick access to the metro station and close to the imperial palace. a cheap, comfortable and practical way tostay in tokyo.

6.- hotel costa verde 727 fuselage, quepos,costa rica. located at the edge of the manuel antonionational park the hotel costa verde is a very exclusive hotel and its piece of resistanceis the magnificent boing 727 room. located atop a small hill the plane has beenrepurposed into an incredibly exclusive lodge where you for 300 dollars a night can enjoythe greatest luxuries while looking at the magnificent beaches of quepos. aside from the plane the hotel has close accessto de manuel antonio national park, declared by forbes one of the 12 most beautiful nationalparks. 5.- montaã±a magica lodge, region de los rios,chile.

the most exclusive places to stay are usuallysome of the most well hidden secrets. montaã±a magica lodge in chile has taken thatconcept to heart. located inside the hulio-huilo natural reservein the region de los rios, motaã±a magica offers tourists a full immersion into thevaldivian jungle and allows them to enjoy nature in full luxury. the main building is the main attraction,built like a mountain that blends in with the environment. from the lodge you can appreciate the famousvaldivian jungle where you can enjoy the largest zip-line network in south america as wellas fishing trips and witnessing the unique

creatures that live in the area such as theelusive pudu, the world’s smallest deer. 4.- tree house lodge, limã³n, costa rica. located eighty meters away from the beachof limã³n, the tree house lodge offers you great beauty and luxury while you sleep severalmeters above ground. the lodge is decorated with simplicity, allowingthe beauty of its surrounding to decorate it in a way interior designers dream of. the colorful flora is the star of the showwith the smell of the jungle intensifying every drink you have and every meal you eat. as a side guest the fauna will join you inyour everyday.

sloths hang from the nearby trees and exoticbirds will give you the full experience of the jungle. 3.- the manta resort, pemba island, zanzibar. located at the cost of pemba island the mantaresort is a five star resort where the costal magic becomes the main attraction. and the most unique aspect is the underwaterroom. a fully private and fully maritime experience,the underwater room is a floating island off the coast with a complete luxury view of thesea and land, and to top it all the bedroom is located underwater allowing the lodgerto sleep surrounded by the tropical fishes

and wake up with the sight of the marvel ofthe underwater fauna. 2.- icehotel, jukkasjã¤rvi, sweden. the icehotel of jukkasjã¤rvi is not only thefirst ice hotel ever built, but also one of the most exquisite and stylish of them all. accidentally created in 1990 after a groupof tourists asked permission to sleep in an igloo exhibition, the idea of the hotel wasborn and as soon as it was fully implemented it became an international hit. built from frozen blocks of the torne riverand snow this hotel opens from december to april in this lapland region where the touristscan enjoy the beauty of winter lapland as

well as the northern lights. what makes icehotel even more exclusive isthat every year different artists are invited to create the interiors of the hotel, meaningthat you will never sleep in the same design twice in your life as every year the hotelwill be a completely different experience but with the same comfort. 1.- hotel kakslauttanen, lapland, finland. located in the lapland region in finland thishotel is a series of cabins and igloos designed to take full advantage of the region naturalresources and beauty. though the hotel counts with several woodenlodging made of the unique kelo pinewood the

one that gets all the attention are the glassigloos which allow you to enjoy the beauty of the northern lights eight months a weekand sleep under the stars of the three month midday nights. beyond that, the hotel includes explorationwith husky and horse safaris and fishing trips as you enter in to full contact with nature. which of these hotels impressed you the most? or if you have ever stayed in one of them,then let us know in the comment section below. be also sure to subscribe for more videosand check out our other video of the coolest cinemas from around the world.

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