modern yellow kitchens design decorating ideas

modern yellow kitchens design decorating ideas

i live here with my partner and mymedium-sized dog it's a 24 square meter apartment and we seem to get along fine cairo apartments it's an art deco buildingcompleted in 1936 and designed by best overend with details of ocean liners and ships i was interested in creating a suite of different spaces rather than completely clearing out walls and doors and turning it into one big space and to draw focus on the existing details of the building which i didn't want my design to compete or overtake with those

more i wanted it to complement them the kitchens are sort of merging between the toolbox and the cabinetry bench and then it sort of unfolds and opens up and everything has its place the aesthetic and the way the kitchen is put together is to have a very simple farm like structural system that runs through it the materials of the kitchen driven by wanting things to be able to age and patina and develop a characteristic through use when the kitchen is closed the space out here completely transforms into a nice quiet space things in an apartment tend to be a bit more hybridized

the door is also a bookshelf and a pantry and that allowed me to close the bedroom off and have a separate space these apartments have quite generous ceiling height so there's a crawl space underneath the bed there's room for a washing machine and there's a little ladder which stores our shoes the apartment faces north so i geta lot of fantastic light without having to rely on too much artificial lighting during the day all of my light fittings they're hidden away in the joinery and they up light the roof so the light gets really beautiful wash

the original design of the bathroom also included a dressing room it's sort of a 19th century detail where there's a dressing room with a wash basin in there i try to keep a continuity of materials throughout the whole apartment the floor is the same in the bathroom as it is in the kitchen and the bedroom and limiting those materials means they are less clutter in terms of transitions in between different rooms

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