modern wall tile design ideas

modern wall tile design ideas

hello and welcome to the tile shop's "tips from the pro" video series. my name is michael. and, today, we're going to talk about space planning for your shower. there's a lot of things that you want to keep in consideration when planning for your new shower. placement of your plumbing fixtures,

recessed soap dishes, and even a shower bench. now, the shower is not a place just to get clean anymore. you have a long day at work you want to come home and relax. maybe you want to add a bench so you can enjoy that hot water in that steam. another thing is your recessed soap dishes several different sizes that are out there today.

now, all of ours and pitched so the water drains right out. you have smaller sizes for your soap and your loofahs, larger sizes for those oversized shampoo bottles. there's also going to be a large one that you can fit a glass shelf in between. whatever your style is, we have it. now, keep in mind the different placement.

we have ours installed on the plumbing wall here. you can do that. you want to make sure that you allow for that extra planning. benches. there's several different kinds of benches out there on the market today. make sure that you look at how yours needs to be installed and

allow for that pitch so then water drains out. now, for more tips and tricks, and installation, please go to the and don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel

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