modern wall paint design ideas

modern wall paint design ideas

hello to all and to all small tutorial to teach you how to paint a wall in 3d. like this you've probably seen the video i made some time ago. little tutorial to show how i did, how you could do after watching this. that's super easy, it's take time and patience but it's easy. so the first step is to show you how to create a 3dcube effect in fact, a 3d cube is composed of 3 diamonds

to make it easy, i recommend to take a paper sheep with little 5mm squares we took a start point 2 cm right 1cm on top et we draw a first line we draw the exact same line 2cm on top on the first one you just had to take the 5mm paper sheet squares and count, 2cm and draw the line

we draw 2 other line to meet the 2 first line and we get our first diamonds ! next we do the same thing on the opposite side 2cm left second diamonds here newt to that, for the third one the one on top we just count 2cm on top of that point and we got a 3d cube !

it's really important to understand that we just get 3 diamonds and that's make a cube ! so now, the second step conciste to properly measure the wall. for mine, 2m50 high and 3m30 large. so it is very important to measure the wall because we will come reproduce his wall with a smaller scale. for example mine is 3m30 to 2m50 and therefore i will take on 1/20 scale so i split by 20 so a 16,5cm x 12,25cm paper wall ! once i draw my 1/20 scale wall

i will draw a grid in which will cross all my diagonals and with these diagonals there, i get to draw diamonds / cubes. we will have to pay attention to the measures that have taken away because we wan't that the results looks great in my case it's like the diamond measured 80cm / 40cm. i will draw a line every 2cm and here every single centimeters we can draw the diagonals which will make diamonds appears ! (so the cube will appears to, pay attention ;-) - the diagonals are crossing every points in the line, very important. and you do that for every squares

we do that everywhere and the other side.. so at first it's a little messy and you have to have the eye but in there we can already identify our cubes. and we draw the cubes with a bigger pen i'll draw one so you can see it well you see ? first cube ! blablablablablablabla tchatchatchatchatcha erase the sketch

here we are the paper sketch is over we have draw our cubes so we get a picture of what we will get on our wall with a 1/20 scales so know for explain you how to re-draw the same thing but on your wall, let's go back in the future .. so once we get the squares we know we are on 1/20 scales so we take the gap between lines here for exemple a 16,5cm large wall for a 3m30 large wall !

and here a 12,5cm high for a 2m50 high wall so the gaps we get from lines to lines here 1cm so it's easy, 1x20 = 20cm on our wall... for the vertical lines, i will draw a point every 40 cm exactly the same on top and i will draw the line and next here a point every 20cm

to finally draw my squares on my wall exemple now from my original video i'm going to loop the passage where i draw the grid on my wall that's a little bit painful but at least it is clear that i trace my grid sheet scale the wall .. so there we could see that i draw the squares

and then the diagonales / diamonds. once on the wall just to crop cubes with tape. and then there's just paint! well it's over i hope you'll try, at least on paper and afterwards, why not on your walls. in your room, your office, your living room, your kitchen, anywhere! see you soon ! ciao!

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