modern tv room design ideas

modern tv room design ideas

today’s interior design in personal livingspace can be different thanks to the different variations and creations of the modern tvwall unit. there is no old-school way of displaying yourtv on the wall as there are new alternatives available. if you do want to add sparks and lively atmosphereinto your personal space, there are some designs and variations to consider about. be sure that they are all stylish, modern,and chic – without compromising the function and quality of the room or the device itself. the simple chromaticblack and white has always been a good option

for the interior design. and with the combination of white shelf andblack background, the tv unit is looking simple and yet highly elegant. not to mention that the background wall hasa gradation color from dark gray to black, making the overall combination unique andsimply sophisticated. the white and redmodern shelf with red and white is also a good catchy option for the modern tv wallunit, making the overall design look simple and yet stand out. it can be a good focal point with the redand white design as the background and the

black tv unit on the center of attention. the wooden silverno one knows this but it is a surprise that a silvery white can be a good match to a woodenelement. in this example, you can see the wooden shelfwith a glossy white finish, looking great as an overall modern tv wall unit. it delivers this clean and pure effect andyet it still retains the elegance and sophistication from the tv. the modern yellowhaving a modern unit doesn’t have to include too much or too complex color.

having a white shelf with a touch of a singleyellow will be enough. somehow, it provides a good combination ofelegance and contemporary feel. the dark background and tv with the whiteshelf and the yellowish row of the shelf (with its unique design) is certainly a sight fora sore eye! the solid shelfsometimes, an old-school looking shelf can be a good container for the tv itself. in this case, the solid wooden shelf has awhite finish combo and it is looking great for the tv’s background. not only it creates its own entertainmentbox, the whole arrangement is smart for the

modern look. red and white containerthis shelf isn’t only sophisticated but also chic as well. the overall white main color is clean andwith the glossy (and also transparent) red board accent, the overall accent is supercatchy. it is bold, clean, and attractive in its simplicity. the black lime glosswho knows that dark lime and black can be combined into a great blend? the overall glossy lime finish is somehowgreat with a combo of a slight glossy black

background for the tv. this modern tv wall unit is simple and openand yet is looking super luxurious without too much intricate design. the modern cubethis modern tv wall unit doesn’t come with a cupboard or the shelf element. the white cubes are great for the wall decoration. with the black background and black bottomsupport, it makes the tv look floating – creating an invisible bottom is definitely a cleveridea. the lighting backdropthis shelf is basically only using a combination

of black and white. but they are combined in such a clever waywith the black background and the white drawer and board, creating a clean and transparent-likeeffect. to make it a bit glam, the backdrop comeswith blue lighting effect that somehow creates a unique feel to the overall design. the clean whitethis modern tv wall unit is only using white as the color. but for the design, it combines the floatingdesign and the bottom structure, which look great when paired up with the gray wall.

it is simple and super sleek, creating a wideand big effect. the handy book shelfdo you know that your book shelf can also be an attractive part of the tv unit? in this example, the big and wide tv shelfhas a wide center in the middle of it, enough to place the tv as the main focal point. the shelf itself is white so when it is combinedwith the black tv and the red book covers, it becomes an attractive color palette forthe whole combination. the red shelfthis is another red and white combo but the shelf is completely in red while the drawersand boards are all in white which creates

a very nice look and design. with gray wall as the background and the blacktv, everything somehow looks harmonious and balanced – in its own catchy way. the black and whitethis is almost the same as the red and white shelf but in a different color. the shelf is in black while all the drawersand boards are in white – which creates a good black and white effect. symmetrical designthe solid white bottom support looks great with the floating white cubes and black board.

it creates a sophisticated modern tv wallunit that is simple but highly contemporary. black and white boardagain, another black and white combo. with the black background and white drawersand boards, the board looks simple and yet super attractive. the addition of some transparent areas isclever enough to create a stunning overall effect. the zoning shelfthis shelf has a very smart arrangement. it completely separates the areas. the white shelf is on the left while the blackarea is for the display area.

the drawers are black and the tv backgroundis also black but with lit blue lighting. you can see the separation of the area forthe tv and the storage area although they are all in black. the modern unitin this design, the floating white and black book shelf with glass case is super sleek. everything is in black but the small whitearea is super catchy. the solid white bottom with its black backdropfor the tv is also smart, creating a very nice display effect in the end. and to make it even better, the black wallis enough to complete the whole look.

this is a simple and yet smart and also supermodern tv wall unit that can improve the look of the room without too much fuss.

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