modern retro design ideas

modern retro design ideas

today we embark on a minimal logo designwith this illustrator tutorial circa 2017 what is up people welcome back tosatori graphics the home of graphic design content right here on youtubeif you subscribe to my cetera graphics channel make sure to click the bell iconsign up for notifications by way you're never going to miss an upload youtubedoesn't publish a new video to every single subscriber for some reason alsocheck out my last video if you want to enter my giveaway as current and thisfriday this logo design is something i saw online and i thought it would be funto show you guys how it's made so for this minimal logo design first we needto make our fill with a cmyk value of

zero zero zero and 30this would give us a kind of a gray tone which we can go ahead and make abackground with using the rectangle tool once you've made the background look thelayer like so also maquon shave off to the side we'regoing to need that later for the logo design itself we want avery dark gray but not totally black as i filled the minimal logo design looksmore professional with a kind of dark grey coloryou want to choose a very thick and bold san serif font me personally i've gonefor arial black which you will probably should have on your devices

for the first letter we want to createthe outlines so we're able to edit and manipulate the shape for our logo designin today's illustrator tutorial now we can take the direct selection tool herei start to select the points and nudge them with the areas on your keyboardthere is no exact size to this part of the tutorial smooth them around tryingto make the letter have a 3d effect to it using the same shade of gray take therectangle tool and create a rectangle lock so we want to emulate the letter hby only filling shadow so like before use direct selection tool to manipulatethe anchor points of the shape to make

this style for a mini more local designtoday you can hold down the alt option key and click and drag to duplicate theshape easily so keep using direct selection tool and imagine where theshadow on a 3d letter h would be so here is how my design looks at themoment try to replicate the shadow as best as you can now we need to slide the square at theside and we'll click the fill in thebottom-left corner and then highlight the color code it's in command orcontrol c to copy take the pen tool and the maker shape isgoing to represent a shadow coming from

the letter e once you've made it opt for a gradientlike sarah leave one side black or a dark gray and then the other side pastein the code we copied just now hit single man or ctrl v you may need tochange the mate rgb you can change the direction of the gradient here to mastershadow and finally you can add some text and you're done this which has threegraphics illustrated tutorial if you enjoyed making this minimal logo designlet me know in the comment section below like and share my contentit does really help my channel and remember to turn on these notificationsand until next time designing future

today peace