modern quilt design ideas

modern quilt design ideas

if you are a beginner at free-motion quiltingor need to machine quilt your quilt top fast, then the stipple design is perfect for you. hi, i'm angela walters. the stipple design is a gently meanderingline that you can make bigger of smaller, depending on how dense you want the quiltingto be. so, grab your free-motion quilting foot andyour quilt top, or quilt sandwich, and let's get started. bring the bobbin thread up to the top andtake a few tiny stitches in place to secure the line of quiltingpress the foot petal and begin quilting a

gently curvy line that moves in all differentdirections. i like to think it looks like a winding river,moving every which way. as you quilt you may realize that the trickiestpart of this, or any machine quilting design, is keeping the spacing between the lines asconsistent as possible. quilting the design on a large scale, withyour lines 1/2" or more apart, is a great allover design perfect for quilts made withbusy prints try to avoid any large, noticable unquiltedareas. to keep that from happening try to make yourquilting line go in a lot of different directions; up, down, left and right.

in theory, the line should move randomly,with no noticable pattern. it also shouldn't touch or cross over itselfbut that's only in theory, the most important thing is that you finish the quilt. if you make a mistake, just keep going. remember, a finished quilt is better thana perfect quilt top. the stipple quilting design is versatile,it can be used in so many different types of quilts. reducing the distance between the lines turnsit into the perfect filler. try using it around elements of the quiltor even other quilting designs.

small stippling isn't harder, it just takesa little longer. but the result is well worth the effort. no matter how dense you choose to quilt thedesign, be sure to relax your shoulders. being tense while quilting won't make thequilting look better, it will just wear you out faster. just keep practicing and soon you will bestippling away! there you have it! a quick and easy machine quilting design. try stippling on your next quilt and see foryourself.

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