modern office space design ideas

modern office space design ideas

narrator: as it stands,this workspace that's placed in a closet just doesn't work. i've got a fewtricks up my sleeve to transform this space into afunctional and foxy work zone. i love the idea of usinga closet as a home office. it's a great placeto get things done because you're facing inward. no distractions. this closet already hadsome elements of an office,

like this desk surface, at 20inches, which is a great depth, since that's optimaldistance from your computer to your eyes. it's also got a gap betweenthe wal and the desk, which will allow us todrop the computer cord down to connect to the power strip. more on that in a sec. first things first, we'regoing to clear everything out so we can make roomfor some updates.

when you're reworkinga closet office, take everything out, andonly put back what you need. as you purge, take note ofthings you want to keep, and any additionalstorage pieces you might need to buy ordiy to keep things tidy. priming the walls andrepainting this back wall into a less cave-likeraspberry color is going to change everything. this color is going toinvigorate the workspace

and create the perfectcontrast for the shelves. i'm adding a pegboard zone on the left to create vertical storage,to get stuff up off the desk, maximizing thistiny 3 inch area. peg board has all sortsof hooks and baskets that come pre-sizedto fit, and can hold an amazing array of stuff. this closet doesn'thave an outlet in it, which is kind of a problem.

but you can run along surge protector strip from the nearest outlet. that lamp was atotal space killer. an led light throws plentyof light into the work zone, and it doesn't use much energy. now i'm going to usebeautiful paper-- three different kinds,actually-- to pretty things up in here. now of the accent wall isdry, we're hanging shelves.

the first shelf needs to leaveroom for the computer monitor. from there, i'mgoing up 8 inches to leave room for small things. i wrap the the centerin a metal contact paper that mimics brass. i'm papering the wood desksurface with some fine wrapping paper from the craft store. i've ripped it up into pieces topaper mache' it to the surface. finding a pretty modern chairon a budget is no small task,

so i updated a chair withsome fine wrapping paper by simply coating thechair in craft glue. than i papered and trimmed,and made a second coat afterward to seal it. it makes a huge statement. this paperwork's great becauseit's got a random pattern, and it's nice and thick. also, it comes in just aboutthe right shape and size. to finish off thiswork zone right,

i'm dropping theprinter onto its shelf, and adding a few storage boxes. i started withbasic white boxes, and covered them in fabricto add some serious style. i'm tucking insome wood magazine file boxes up high to createa funky paper storage spot, and i'm rolling a file cabinetunder the desktop to deal with work papers and bills. there you have it.

from cave-like chaos tosuper sleek office space, all in a closet.