modern office design ideas pictures

modern office design ideas pictures

(upbeat music) - [tresha] hey guys, welcomeback to the channel with tresha and i wanted to share thiswall sconce that i saw on z gallerie's website; itis going for 39 dollars and 95 cents. that is not two, that isonly one and i'm sure you probably want two tomake it a complete set. so guys you know i would purchase it. i mean it's not a bad pricebut the first thing that

i saw when i looked at it was a plunger. so i thought this will bea fun project just to see how it would turn out if i used a plunger. i know that is kindahilarious, yes, i think i laugh every time i think about this project so i'm just gonna go ahead,try it, show you the steps that i took and theresults; let's get started. the first step that i did was separate the pole from thebase and to do this you just

hold the base while you unscrew the pole. next i removed the label;these labels are on there pretty good so just takeyour time to remove it. i measured the pole and markedat the six and a half inch line to indicate where i'mgoing to place my base. i also purchased theseemergency led candles from the dollar tree. i thought these candleswere perfect for the project since it has a removable base.

to attach these pieces i addede6000 to the flat side of the pole, then i added hotglue on the outside of it. then attach the two. okay it looks likewe're getting somewhere. now i want to extendthe pole from the base so i'm going to use thesealphabet blocks that i had from a previous project andi'll link it at the top. to attach the block i'mgonna at e6000 as well as hot glue on the top of the base.

now i'm going to add e6000to the top of the block as well as hot glue and thenattach the pole to the base. to make sure the pole didn't go anywhere i added a piece of tapeto the top as well as placed something underneaththe pole until the glue dried. i waited 24 hours. now for the fun part. before i spray paint i'mgoing to add a base coat which is a black craftpaint to the entire piece.

when i do this, it reallymakes the metallic paint pop. you see what i mean? once the paint dried iplaced it on the wall with command strips. i think it's official tosay, this plunger is now a wall sconce. it actually worked. unbelievable. this is exactly what my painting needed.

if you haven't checked out that video, i'll link it at the top. check it out. i wanna give a specialthank you to live_laugh_love for being the firstcommenter on my last video. i truly appreciate you. if you see her in the comment section, be sure to say hi. thanks guys for watching.

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