modern nursery design ideas

modern nursery design ideas

your bedroom is your safe haven. a simple shelf can add a lot of definition to your unadorned wall, not to mention if it can also function as storage. if you feel like doing a little remodeling to your little sanctuary but are also tight on budget i’ve got just the perfect solution. here are 5 cheap diy hanging shelving ideas for small bedroom by

that hopefully will provide inspiration for you. 5. chains and hooks with simple chains and hooks, you can turn your old wood boards or planks into a nifty piece of storage and simultaneously adorn your wall with decoration. attach four hooks on the ceiling to hang the chains and make tiered-shelves by fastening the chains on all the four sides of the boards.

this creative wall storage idea for small bedroom will surely add so much personality and warmth. 4. floating mantel shelf a mantel shelf will add a lot of interest to your plain living room and you can nail one without having to buy them at ikea. you will only need three 8 feet 1” x 12” oak boards, dark walnut stain and wood glue. cut all your boards in half to create six 4 feet boards

and sand them to smooth any rough edges. stain each board with a sponge brush and stack them with a 2” overhang on each side after they are dry. apply wood glue once stacked as needed and use clamps to secure them. 3. timeless classic two-tiered open floating shelves seem to give off a classic vibe in any room they are installed.

choose plain planks with approximately 3ft wide and with 2” thickness for the best looking and most sturdy shelves. in addition, if you are worried attaching them with brackets would shatter the beauty of the shelves because of their stark difference in colors then you might want to fasten them with screws into studs. polish the woods in dark walnut stain

and seal them with hemp oil. these spots are perfect to display your frames or vintage vase decorations. 2. your magazine holder is a helper think outside the box all the time and you might come up with totally unique ideas. if you still got a tiny space left in your bedroom wall but it’s not big enough for a cabinet or drawer you can use your used magazine holder!

that’s a convenient solution if you happen to have one which is made out of wood. better stain it first and mount it on the wall by putting it on its side with nails. this cute tiny storage is the perfect spot for your small items like keys, chains, or loose changes. before we get to number 1, i invite you to check subscribe button under this video.

if you never press it, click it, include bell icon beside it. your support means mood booster to us and that means a lot. thank you for that... 1. make the most of your perimeter of bedroom wall storing all your book collection in a mahogany vertical bookshelf might make your room look overcrowded if you don’t have a walk-in closet

and use ordinary wardrobe instead. you can use the empty space below your ceiling to store your books, and all your other stuff by building shelves along the entire perimeter of your bedroom walls right under the ceiling. ready to make your small haven even cozier with these 5 cheap diy hanging shelving ideas for small bedroom we’ve laid out for you? if you learn new things from this video,

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