modern mailbox design ideas

modern mailbox design ideas

i have to say, there is something about listening to music on vinyl that just gives me the warm fuzzies! a little bit of crackle, fuzz and hum.. physically having to flip over the record to get to the next side, & listening to an album start to finish just has a nostalgic feel to me and i love it.

this is 15 fun and useful vinyl storage ideas by leonora epstein 1. as you well know, there is always the old faithful ikea kallax series (rip, expedit). here’s everything in the kallax series. 2. but there are many ways to hack ikea’s square storage systems

to look more vintage and less basic. this hack uses stained plywood. how simple! 3. records don’t need to be stored on shelves. you can make your living room clutter-free by storing them in drawers. tip: unless you have a large, weighty collection

contained in the drawers, make sure the cabinet is bolted to the wall. when i used drawers, the weight of one drawer pulled out tipped the cabinet forward (onto my foot). use caution! 4. whether you keep your vinyl in drawers

or on shelves, you can keep everything organized with alphabetical or category dividers. these beautiful wood dividers by kate koeppel design are $150 and up. tip: vinyl and cd dividers can be made with clear plastic sheets and

stick-on mailbox lettering from home depot or lowe's. i used 11"x14" sheets (from hd) for lps and 11"x14" cut into quarters for cds. quick and easy and far less expensive. 5. flower box or small box storage secured

to a wall is a good way to organize 45s. 6. it’s also easy enough to turn any stray cabinet drawer (easy flea market find!) into rolling storage. i had some scrap poplar plywood lying around, and just had to purchase some casters and furring strips to frame out the box. i even had an extra cabinet handle

laying around to use. drawback: tiny collections only, very limited room for growth. 7. maximize your space by turning vinyl shelves into benches. 8. ikea’s ps storage module also fits records. buy a couple of these to stack or arrange as you please. they’re $34 each at ikea.

tip: given how far the lps stand up inside the ps storage module, stacking is obviously impossible. 9. looking for something vintage? search etsy for “wire vinyl storage” (or variations) for cute shelves, often under $100.

this black metal table costs $68 on etsy. but sadly currently sold out. review: a really good way to mess up the bottom of the lp cover. if the bottom shelf is covered with 1/8" hardboard cut to size, maybe. also very limited room for growth. 10. what if you want to show off your vinyl

art? try turning your collection outward on a series of shelves. 11. this is also a nice way to present records, as opposed to lining all the spines outward. you could definitely diy this if you come across the right size box. good for tiny collections, otherwise wastes huge amounts of space.

12. these basic blocks allow you to build a shelving unit of your own configuration. they’re $35 each on etsy. it's an extra-large cube for your extra-large things; stuffed animals, big books, vinyl records (holds 65-70 record albums), clothes, purses, anything!

review: at least a half inch to an inch too small if you store your lps in protective plastic sleeves (you do, don't you?) 13. turns out, ikea’s molder stool fits records. it can definitely be painted, too, if you want to spruce it up. they’re $39.99 at ikea.

this is just unspeakable 14. if you don’t have a huge collection and are looking for something funky, vintage record boxes can be found on etsy. this 1960s record box costs $50 on and finnally, 15. but if you’re just looking for an easy way to spruce up a shelf, you can try painting the backing

or the bottom for a pop of color. that’s it, if you need more storage ideas, mention that in comment area don’t forget to leave a like or share using special buttons under this video. please press subscribe button available

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