modern logos design ideas

modern logos design ideas

today i'm going to show you how topresent a logo design to a client online and not in personit is my method of presenting a logo design to a client but it's not the onlyway however one of our people welcome back to themof graphic design content here on youtube satori graphics this is the lasti flow this week because i upload monday to thursday every single week but if youhave any types of videos that you want to see on this channel here atsatori graphics dropping suggestions down in the comment section below ofthis video if you do enjoy my content make sure to share my videos to othereager and keen designers that you might

know of course drop a like on your wayout now how to present a logo design to a client as i mentioned at the start thevideo this is my home method on how to present a logo design to a client overthe internet i can make a video on the logo design presentation in person whichobviously is slightly different here are a few designs i work on for a projectnot very long ago just alania guys the final logo design was pretty differentfrom what you're seeing here after i've gone through the entire logo designprocess i'm using these designs here as example you may have a huge collectionof designs in illustrator like i do here this was the first stage of the logosign project where i explored a few

different concepts and wanted to runthem by my clients however you do not want to confuse and swamp your clientwith many many designs especially choose some of your favorite designers it is agood idea to send the logo design choices over to your client in bothcolor and in black and white or grayscale at this stage however it's nothugely important to add color unless the concept heavily requires color so choosesome favorite logo designs and then align them neatly on your illustratorartwork to present them you'll probably want to send them over pdf file which iwill show you how to do charlie let's say for example you want to present abungalow design concept to your clients

you can do it this way make two copiesof the same design and open up the color windowyou can select each color segment of your local design and then change it tograyscale here now you can present the local design asblack and white and color but for a previous presentation select all thetypography in your lego design and then create our lines like so this will stopany issues with funds not being read when your clients computer from here goto file and save as choose pdf and then select the most recent version ofacrobat you want to check the letter sign click the view pdf after savingoptions this would be a great way to

present to your clients for critique youcan also put in the lugar in this way as well adding a white on black option finally i will quickly go through thefile formats you might want to use to save your final design for your client isay with ai eps and also pdf and also in a safer wave option i willsay png both transparent and opaque and finally in jpeg so did you enjoy myvideo on how to present a local design to a client living in the commentsection below and like and share this video is it ready to help my channeluntil next time there's only future todaypeace