modern loft office design ideas

modern loft office design ideas

"hello and welcome to my apartment!" this balcony leads directly into the livingroom of nina salo's apartment. it's located in stockholm's historic center. the room's central feature is a fireplace "i just love fires. it has been always one of my dreams to havea fireplace. it is really one of those homey and cozy thingsthat you get from a fireplace." the living room is located on the apartment'ssecond floor. it also serves as nina's home-office.

she's a tv producer. the bathroom is down the hall. this is the children's room. there's lots of natural light here. the children share a room -- because the wholeapartment has just 90 square meters of living space. "for the time being they have to share. and most of the time they are not even inthe room to be honest. it will be a problem.

but at their age right now it is not a problem. the way i see it. they disagree with me, but they have to livewith it at the moment." the parents' bedroom is actually part of theliving room area. here too, there's plenty of natural light. on the other hand, there's no door. "the biggest issue is really not the kidsbut it is when my husband is watching television or films late at night. then we fixed it by getting headphones."

this stairway leads to the lower floor. nina and her husband used to live in thispart of the apartment all by themselves. but 45 square meters wasn't enough for a growingfamily. so they expanded into the loft apartment that was one floor up. "one of the main issues when we build thiswas storage. so we were trying to be creative and findstorage somewhere. one of the things is that we used to havethe bed in here behind us. since we did not need this any more we turnedthis into storage with these two big doors

to hide everything we have in there." here's the open kitchen. the family gathers here often -- and in fact,they have no intention of moving to a larger apartment. real estate prices in stockholm are high -- sothey'd have to move out of the center and they don't want to do that. "we like to be city slickers. if we would like to go somewhere it wouldbe completely somewhere else like to the country side."

but for the time being, they'll stay righthere -- in central stockholm.