modern loft interior design ideas

modern loft interior design ideas

james hong: my nameis james hong. i do design work, interiors,mostly in new york. when i first saw theapartment, it looked really bad. it was abandoned, it hadbasically no plumbing, but i could see the potential. this space is my office as well,so i spend a lot of time working and, quote, living. a lot of the elements arise froma real need, so it's not

that you just decide to dosomething whimsical. what i did to the bathroom,i made the tub that doesn't fit the space. the wall texture is kindof a take-off on the venetian plaster. the sink is a pouredresin top. and the sink itself actuallywas a kitchen cook pot. the door was a very trickything, because i didn't really have room for a doorto swing there.

in the kitchen area, i triedto incorporate a bunch of different elements. i had a electric cooktop, a gasburner, and then i had a sliding thing of steel. counter, i put in a customkitchen hood to capture the gas fumes from both the electricand the gas side. i collect books, and i didn'twant these books to accumulate dust. and so i wanted to housethem in a proper way.

i think overall i'm satisfiedwith all the things that i've done here. the main thing that i'm verypleased with was that i was able to incorporate alot of elements that were recycled, found. i like the fact that it givesthe impression that it's a super luxury type of effort, andyet in reality it's done on a very modest scale. female speaker: likehome and design?

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