modern law office design ideas

modern law office design ideas

now we move today, we're working on a space that i'm sure is going to make the employees happy,the break room. but i want it to be so much more than just a place to grab a snack orchoose a drink from a vending machine. my vision is to design a comfortable dining areathat can serve as a fun meeting space as well, and for that i'm working with don jones frominnovation cabinetry to create what's needed for a high-end kitchen.when kalyn first called, she wanted something that was outside of the normal realm thatyou see in a business setting. most people spend so much time at work, more than theydo at their own house, you might as well enjoy while you're being here.however, i did have a few curveballs to throw

in with my design request including a kitchencabinet that would hold enough microwaves to satisfy 150 employees when they get hungry.typically, you don't have a 3-microwave cabinet available, so we were able to take one ofour existing pantry type cabinets and customize it with different shelving so it will havehouse the three microwaves. overall, i couldn't be happier with innovationcabinetry. once they finalized the drawings and the product is manufactured, they showup on site with everything ready to install. (music). i'm in the break room right now with innovationcabinetry, and they are actually installing the boxes and the cabinet doors for our newdining area. we went with these more residential

style kitchen cabinets, but we did followcode in order to put them in a commercial space. so, i'm very excited to speak withdon and see where he's at. alright, don, so where are you guys? what's been happening?okay. give me an update.kalyn, yesterday we showed up with the cabinetry, right, in our boxes. we unloaded it. we hadeverything for all of this in one van, believe it or not, because we keep it flat-packed.our crew here jumped in, started assembling cabinets yesterday. we had most of that doneby midday. i see you brought the a-team because theyare very fast. they are very fast. these are three of mytop installers.

awesome.great team that came with me. everybody's hands on. so, give me a littlewalkthrough. yup, and you know you requested the 3-microwavestand that's not typically something that we can just pull off the shelf. so, we tookone of our cabinets, customized it a little bit, and that's here going to be behind can see the three plugs we cut out in the back.i did. and the reason that i really wanted that microwave wall was because we have awhole wall of vending equipment coming in that has healthy salads, soups, things likethat that are quick. you purchase them and you check out from the self-checkout kiosk,and then they can just nuke it quickly in

the microwave.this is one of the newest products on the market, this type drawer-sliding drawer's very high tech. what makes it different and special?well, traditionally drawer systems have been all solid wood. now this one is going to ametal side box, a little more durable, a little more heavy duty sides. and the soft-mountslides are tucked underneath so you don't see them. really nice stuff.when we originally had had our design conversations, i really wanted to have a moveable islandso that we could open this area up when the company has like potlucks and birthday celebrations,and you know we could put the cake here and then roll it away. so, that really, what youguys did there to solve this problem for me,

was excellent.and then we've incorporated an ada height sink for you so that we can drop that down,a little bit lower counter level here. in a commercial space, just so that everybody knows, you have to be code compliant, andthis is for ada accessibility. so, the american disabilities act which allows anybody in awheelchair or who has a handicap be able to come up and use the sink as everybody elsewould. so they can actually roll the wheelchair underneath and wash their hands appropriately.well from the time you unpacked your boxes and i walked away, a lot has happened. so,very excited to see it all. so, i'm just about to show mark and carmenthe avenue c micro market, and i'm very excited

because i think this has exceeded all theirexpectations and i'm really pleased with the outcome. it looks beautiful. the finishesmatch perfectly, and it's exactly what i had in mind. so i'm excited to show them and ihave a little surprise for them. well, i think this new break room is goingto be a very popular place for everyone. the innovation cabinetry makes it feel just likehome and avenue c is going to provide everyone with good food all day.