modern japanese restaurant interior design

modern japanese restaurant interior design

hey guys and thank you so much for checking out this video today i'm doing a speed build restaurant in the sims 4 i'm very excited, cause i just picked up dine out and i was really stoked to give it a shot so i decided to build a restaurant for a current household that i just started playing uh so yeah, i originally had this on, or i was originally using the sunny side up diner that was that came with dine out and i decided that it needed a little bit of an upgrade, and to my surprise when i renovated this all of my wait-staff and chefs and such, and my host that i had trained to max level were

for some reason just fired and i couldn't rehire them, they didn't show up in the menu anymore which was really annoying, so note of advice if you decided to use this restaurant for your gameplay and you already have a restaurant and you want to use this one to replace it be wary, it might just fire your wait staff for no reason

that really frustrated me cause i was upgrading cause i wanted her to be more successful, so with a fancy restaurant you'd be more successful but anyways i had to hire new wait-staff, end of story so this restaraunt is based off of a really fancy mcdonalds that i saw online i was just researching some stuff to gain some inspiration because i'm, i've been terrible at making community lots since sims 1, i've been awful

i'd try to make malls and they were just a complete disaster mind you i was probably like 5 years old, but still i find community lots a lot harder to build than uh residential lots, so this one i wanted to give it, give it my best chance give it a good shot so i was referencing a photo for a little bit of help and inspiration, and it was a fancy mcdonalds if you can imagine, a mcdonalds looks like this somewhere in the world and that is pretty fascinating to me why mcdonalds needs to look so fancy is beyond me, but

anyway, if you want to go to fancy mcdonalds that's up to you, i mean more power to ya so this i called rockside gourmet, a name my mom actually came up with, cause i was drawing a complete blank i think she chose that name because i used a lot of brick wallpaper on the inside and "rockside", i don't know it's a cute little name, you can clearly change it yourself i didn't create a menu for this specific restaurant, because i well i did create one but it's just the most the one out of five level items

because i wanted my crappy wait staff to be able to prepare the food so, sorry i got a little aggressive there, i'm just a little bit passionate about them firing my good staff they were my friends, they invited me to their birthday party anywaaaaaay so yeah the menu in this one is just for starting out restaurants but you can obviously change that and they have the fancier clothing but i didn't customize that either i just chose some of the preset ones but yeah, i think they look pretty nice i didn't really feel like changing it

i wanted to get-give this a shot i did play with this a bit i think it might function better if you were to visit it rather than run it because when i was running it for some reason the customers just congealed at the beginn- like at the main host station and they just wouldn't move, so they became a big cluster of sims in this one area but uhm, if you delete the wall i have like the host table in front of a half wall, if you delete that it might solve the problem a bit but, i liked it it looked so nice so i left it there but if you visited this restaurant i'm assuming it would run a bit more smoothly and also

i'm wondering, i put a bar upstairs but when i'm running the restaurant i don't have a mixologist come and you can't hire one unless you like hire it everyday for like 100 simoleons or something so if you have any idea how to get passed that and just have a mixologist come on their own, let me know! i don't think you can but if you can, and you know any secrets please enlighten me so the lady i have running this restaurant in my game's name is jen she is a little bit of a gold digger, she's married to an older gentleman who is a very successful business man

and it was all in hopes to pursue her dream of running a five star restaurant if you would like to see that family i would love to film a video for you, they're currently living in my uhm two-storey modern house that i have a speed build posted up on my channel which you can watch, i'll leave a little card up in the top right, if you press the (i) you'll be able to view that video but yeah, that's the house they're living in and she is also having a little bit of a love affair with i think his name is paolo from get together is that right?i don't know but he's in two of the clubs, the powerhaus club i think, and uhm, party, partyhaus? what're they called?

power house, and uhm, i don't know he's in two of those clubs i think that i put jen in the paragons because she's a little bit snooty and stuck up and very spoiled by her older husband but anyways, so this is her restaurant that's why i built it, i built it for jen to run and yeah, because she was originally running the sunny side up diner which, was meh

it didn't look that great no offence maxis, you make some great builds but sunny side up diner was an exception to that uhm on the roof here if they ever come up with a seasons expansion pack you'll definitely have to get rid of this cause it will start snowing and raining indoors but i really wanted sunlights and didn't want to use the dance floors so i cut it out using some fencing i love the lighting effect that it leaves, i got the lighting engine to work so it looks so beautiful the reflection at certain times of day inside and on the balcony there is just so nice and i left the roofing and i did the flat roof thing again i'm so sorry i'm obsessed with this flat roofing little thing with the pedestals from get together

and i also used the half-slanty roof again, so please bear with me with my repetitive roofing, i i honestly think that is my one downfall in this game, roofing i find it so difficult i never know how to make it look realistic but i try my, my, my dangdest i try very hard so, that is, that is what i went with, i also added some of the uhm roof decor to make it look more realistic like a business up on the top you'll see later on but yeah there is

a lot of seating in this restaurant, when i was play-testing it, i noticed that most of the customers would go in the front and back patios and not indoors, and no one would go upstairs to sit for some reason, the upstairs is where the bathrooms are and there's also an employee bathroom past the kitchen i did put locks on the doors so that the customers can't get into the kitchen or the employee bathroom, so that is all set up for you but yeah they, they seemed to congregate in the, in the front patio there, which is nice cause i like the little umbrellas that i put, you'll see them later i think those are also from

get together, maybe they're from perfect patio? i'm not sure uhh, but yeah, i went on a little splurge fest and got the rest of the expansion and stuff packs that i was missing well not expansion, i had all of those, but the stuff packs and game packs that i was missing so dine out, movie hangout, spooky stuff, uhmm and kids room stuff i think that's it?

i have no idea. i was missing a few but i picked them all up now because i really wanted to enhance my videos and be able to use all of the objects available, but if you did want me to make pack specific or base game specific builds i would be open to that too i think it would be a fun challenge to limit myself to certain objects and creation tools, it would be hard but i would be more than willing to try so now i am onto furnishing the restaurant there's something about it that i just didn't quite like i don't know what it is but inside something just gets on my nerves and still watching this is bothering me and i can't really make out what it is so if you can figure out what looks terrible in there please let me know i do really like the way this turned out though, and i'm excited to use it in my gameplay

and if you'd like to see a let's play of this family perhaps let me know, i'd love to do that too uhm, that's jen out in the front there wearing her formal wear. she was on a date with i don't know, paolo? they went to a wishing well and they were just being all cute in the fountain and her fricken husband has no idea but she, but you know it's pretty dramatic i like drama in my gameplay and adultery oh man

so yes i'm putting a lot of outdoor seating cause i thought it looked nice, i put this lot in magnolia promenade i think that is what it's called that is the world that came with get to work where the businesses are i thought it fit pretty well so i put that in there and i liked that you could have an entrace- entrance coming off of i like that you could have an entrance coming off of both the front and side, so i utilized that to my advantage guys i think i put way too many tables there was like

a- you needed 6 seating area-something in the requirements for a restaurant, i think mine said it had like 160 and i have i have posted this lot on the gallery you can download it using the hashtag #baileykeates no spaces or with the hashtag #speedbuild or the hashtag #youtube whatever your fancy is, also if you'd like to share some of your creations with me please do use the hashtag #baileykeates because i would love to see what you guys come up with and i would love to put them in my game so share with me

share with me, i don't think i've actually ever looked at the hashtag of my name i'm assuming nobody is using it but me, but please use it! i would love to see your things i also like to share my stuff under deligracy's hashtag, just in case anybody notices it there or she wants to use it i would love that that would be so fun or steph steph gurl, your stuff is beautiful steph0sims is a huge inspiration i think her stuff is so amazing more to the point, this kitchen

i could not seem to get this working in my favour all of the stuff you see right now will probably leave except for the, the halfwall with the plants behind i thought that gave a nice division so that the people sitting on the patio couldn't like lurk in on the kitchen workers kitchen workers!? that sounds so degrading, chefs! i am so sorry, i love chefs you are the best and i am so sorry that that came off so rude

i only joke, but yes, all of the stuff you see right now will leave i had a trouble, i had a trouble, oh, oh my god i can't talk i had trouble laying out this i don't know why it was giving me such a hard time but i ended up putting stuff in really strange places it functions well this is probably the most well functioning part of the entire build as opposed to all of the seating but yeah, this took me some time to figure out

it was it was a bit of a pain, a lot of the wallpaper i used was also from spa day so i'm sorry if you don't have that pack but i'm sure you can replace it with something else quite easily, the tiles i used were from spa day i like them they are sleek but yeah, there's the employee bathroom in the back there, i wanted it to be quite private and closed off from having to go upstairs to use the bathroom if you're working in the kitchen or you're a wait staff on the main floor oh but yeah i liked using these little plants inside, it made it look really green and friendly and like it's urban and also quite

i don't know what else it's urban and something else if you can give this a better name than rockside gourmet please do no offence mom, it's a great name, but i think we could come up with something a little better so i also had to use the cheat to unlock the uhm gameplay items that you unlock while progressing in careers i wanted to use the chef things because they matched the

uhm cooking station from dine out very well so i decided to use those, i just hadn't unlocked them because none of the sims in my current household are a chef so a little bit of cheaty-cheaty to get me get the ball rolling so as you can see i put a wall division there so that people can come in and grab the food and then leave from the one of two doors

one is over by the dish washing station and the second passes through to this pass through where the wait staff can pick up the food easily and it also leads to the bathroom there i was also going to put an office in here but i couldn't find a proper space for it so i decided against it and yea oh those little spoons and forks from cool kitchen look so cute i wanted to keep this kitchen looking pretty neat and tidy i didn't want it to be too messy because i figured that jen and the staff would probably keep this really orderly and make sure it's really tidy and

a++, or 5 star rating before i switched to this restaurant when i was running the sunny side up, i had like a 4 and a half star rating and my staff was so good but they took that all away from me dang you i don't know why that happened but uh it's frustrating made me sad i really liked my cook, he was handsome and now he's gone

and my waitress invited me to her birthday party, how sweet is that? it was kind of weird, she aged up into an elderly woman that's not weird i don't know what i'm on about i also put a shower in the bathroom back here i figured if you're managing the restaurant sometimes you get a lil' stanky, so you have a lil, a lil' bath a lil' shower not a bath, that would be kind of weird, a shower is a little bit more normal in a situation like this i guess is that normal? i don't know, i've never worked at a restaurant. i doubt there's showers but

whatever, this isn't real, this is a virtual restaurant so we can do whatever we want okay, so i'm starting to put in the tables and stuff, i love these booths, they're so cool but one thing, it's like why can't i add like a chair in the middle there? if you understand what i'm saying. i wanted the hald wall there regardless but it would have been nice to have like a fully extended booth with a like long, long table but that doesn't exist thanks a lot i also used a floor i've never used before, it's a

woah, that rhymed! i'm dr. suess! no. i used this floor that i have never used in the past and it's like this hardwood but it's kind of in a diagonal and i also wanted to do something cool with a lighter tone which i'm trying to achieve here, it kind of looks stupid but kind of cool at the same time i don't know how do you, how do you feel about this? do you like that? if not please remove it or tell me to remove it so here's the host station that i was talking about, all of the people just congeal in front of it

and i originally po-put, with the other door another host station i don't know if you can hire two hosts, i haven't really explored that too much i had two waitresses or two waiters and waitresses two chefs, and one host but i didn't notice if you could hire a second host, that would be convenient if you could because there's so many people who need tables and only one host but i had two host stations and for some reason my host just kept going back and forth between them and like leaving giant groups of people at one and like nobody at the next, so i don't know

i put- yeah, but i, in my gameplay i took out the second host station and i think in the download, when you do download this, that the host station, the second host station, by the side door will be gone but by all means if it works better for you you can add it back it was just frustrating me at the time so i took it out uhm but yeah it might make it run more smoothly, i have no idea i also really like these curtains that came with dine out, they're beautiful they're beautiful, there's also a bunch of wait stations too, i think the max waiters you can have, waiters and waitresses you can have is three i don't know i haven't explored this too much i've only been playing it for a little bit of time now and i really wanted to build a restaurant, i thought that would be so fun, so

and it was! this was a lot of fun it's fun to customize the tables and put the little menus on it and stuff it's a nice feature, if you don't have this game pack i do highly recommend it it's, it's much more fun than outdoor retreat, i didn't use that one too much i do really like it the camping is fun but once you do it once or twice it kind of gets a little dry but i do love spa day, spa day is probably my favourite of them all just because a lot of the items i use nearly everytime i build something and i really like the yoga aspect, that's fun too and the spa, it's really fun to go to the spa but i mean the restaurants are fun too

we should start a poll guys, which one do you like better? but yes, uh what else can i talk about, i have talked about game of thrones in the past, i know that some of you watch it i appreciate you the finale was unbelievable if you watch it, i would love to chat with you about it but no spoilers in the comments, make this a spoiler free zone of course

but i'm very upset that we have to wait another 9 months to keep watching, so i'll just cry, i'll just cry forever another thing i'm wondering, are there urinals in the sims 4? i was looking for them for a while and could not seem to find them, in the men's washroom i was gonna put like one bathroom stall and two urinals but there were no urinals and i searched urinal in the little search bar but nothing so there mustn't be but why? there was urinals in like every other sims game, weren't there? the confusion is real

it really is so now i'm working on the upstairs part of this i liked the little walkway to the bathrooms. i thought that looked pretty nice. and i like i said, the the sims when i was running this restaurant did not seem to congregate in the upstairs of this lot, they'd eat mainly on the downstairs, but i like the feature of having an upstairs so i put it anyway and it makes it look really nice from the outside, so upstairs it is

uhm but yea, there's a bar up here too again i'm not sure if the mixologist will ever come unless you hire it as like you can click on it and press hire mixologist or hire certain mixologist but like why? i just want them to be a part of my staff that would make so much more sense but the cook is like the impromptu mixologist because he makes the drinks for the customers who are ordering drinks, but i mean there's a bar here too why can't we have a mixologist? the frustration is real it's real

i thought it would also be cool if we could have like restaurants that were also bakeries but i don't think you can put items for sale if it's classified as a restaurant, nor can you seat customers if it's classified as a shop i don't know, they should work on that. you should be able to make hybrid stores like bakery restaurant, or mall restaurant, or, club restaurant

that would be so fun you could have like a dance floor on top and then have a restaurant on the bottom, i don't know that's a thing that exists, right? but i digress we can't ask for everything and that might be hard to program but either way it should still exist

work hard sims, give me that i'm so sorry i don't know why i get so aggressive sometimes, it's all in good fun i'm not actually intending to be aggressive it's just for humours sake i think i'm really funny even though i'm really not that funny so i'm playing around with the new paintings that also came with dine out they're nice, the paintings are one of the best parts of the whole thing minus that brick wallpaper, i'm telling you, that's lovely but yes, the paintings are awesome

you could just have a wine glass above your bed i would not judge you i don't love wine, but i understand the appeal and those who do love wine, people who love wine always seem to like really, really love wine so i mean i don't know maybe i want the wine poster above my bed anyway i think that the build is now done, we're just going to flash through the screenshots here i love the outside of this place, i think this looks awesome as you can see i had some customers playing around in here

no more than a four star though but yes see they're sitting in the patio, in the front, i love those umbrellas the inside there, where is everybody? i don't know there's nobody inside which is very disappointing oh! look there they are yeees!! i'm sorry i got really worked up but as you can see this is my restaurant

rockside gourmet you can download this on the gallery, all the links are in the description if you'd like to follow me on origin you can do so as well, so you won't miss a new upload and you might potentially see builds before i post them here if you have any feedback or suggestions for future builds or let's plays, or whatever you'd like to see please let me know in the comments below because i would love to hear from you as always and i hope you're having a lovely whatever time of day it is and thank you so much for checking out this video

if you enjoyed this video please don't hesitate to subscribe, i would love to have you join the familia that was weird i'm sorry, don't judge me but thank you so much for watching and i will speak to you in the next one. goodbye!